Monday, June 21, 2010

we tight like that.

You know.. me and my new bestie, Brittany.

Maybe I am just looking too much into the way she wanted to "see me again" for a "private interview". Yeah. We all know.

I am happy to report that the first interview is tucked tightly under our belt. The next interview is Wednesday. Just me and her.... and all of our financial ickyness. I will now be obsessing until then. The classes we need to take are in August. Hurry up and wait! Thank the universe it isn't the middle of winter and I was snowed in and waiting. I would need medication. I have a feeling we will have a long wait until it is our time, so, I suppose I should get used to it!

We have a long list of smoke detectors to put up. We already have 4 in our house. Our house is a crackerjack box....literally. I suppose one can never have TOO many smoke detectors to wave a magazine in front of every time I decide to cook. We also need to buy a fire extinguisher and some cabinet locks. Not too bad!

I loved Mark's comment in my last post.... that made me laugh. I was FREAKING OUT before she got here, about the candles not being lit, and what if a tumbleweed of fur goes by while she is sitting here, Cosmo drops ass, or WHAT IF... ugh. Turns out I had nothing to worry about. She loved the house, and neither Cosmo or I dropped ass.


Jude said...

LOL on the "Cosmo drops ass" part. I'm glad everything went well for you and hopefully it will continue to be smooth sailing. Of course it will!

Jen said...

Yay! So excited for you guys. Moving along!

P.S. - I need to talk to you ... can you email me? I couldn't find your email on here. You can email my blog first, then I'll give you the real email. dykeevolution at yahoo dot com.

Thanks :)

Amy said...

I think once the entire process is complete, you'll get a baby rather quickly. Just in time for Haloween!!

cindyhoo2 said...

Well of course your new bff Brittany wants some alone time with you! How could she not?

I am sure that 99% of the population has financial ickiness of some sort so try not to fret over that!!

Look how cool: it's totally happening.

CJ said...

We graduated our classes in October. Baby J came home literally two weeks later. The day we got home with Baby J, I got to meet Em and do a full disclosure on her. Never say it will take too long...that's when your phone will ring off the hook and you'll be turning kids away!! (As I had to do twice, which killed me!)

Mark said...

I knew that you would be fine. I wasn't worried at all. And take it from me, I'm a Professional Parent don't you know. Okay, maybe not so professional at it but I haven't lost one yet. That's good, right?
Looking forward to some updates.
Your Friend, m.

Peter said...

Nice to meet you! Thanks for the comment on my new blog.

The anticipation of the interview was worse than the interview itself... the fear and annoyance at somebody coming into my house to judge me, my housekeeping, my taste, etc.

Paula was perfectly nice, though... and frankly, she did more of the talking than we did... :-)

Angie said...

omG!!!! would you Blog already!!!!!?????

Amy said...

I totally agree with Angie. It's bad enough that you don't FB or text me anymore. Are you trying to totally cut me off? I need to see my therapist.