Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We have one.

Apparently it is "too old fashioned looking" for Mic. I wasn't really sure what this meant, as I grew up in a house of "old fashioned". My mom was (is) an antique dealer. Come'on. Old is where it is AT, yo.

So, she has informed me that she wants a different one. I couldn't argue too much, as I have taken this decorating gig and have run with it. If she wants a crib, I am going to have to find one. Mission style. Yeow. Resale shops, here I come. I draw the line at (or prior to??) buying new, especially since we have a FREE CRIB in our garage.

Anyways... apparently there were some issues with cribs... the kind that the side lowers?? Like the kind that EVERYONE has had since the dawn of time...and now they make them solid, without a side that lowers. This is a complete newsflash to me.

I explained it to Mic...thankfully (or frighteningly) she was just as clueless as I. I asked how in the hell am I (typical 5'3 short armed pudgy girl) supposed to lower this kid into a crib that I would hardly be able to reach over??? She was lol-ing (for real) and said that I would have to wrap the child up like a burrito and get one of those grabber things that old people use to get cans of soup off of their top shelf....and lower the child in.

That was pretty funny.

It slipped my mind to share with my gentle readers that while Mic and I were visiting with my parents over the weekend, my mom gave me the my baby blanket my grandma knitted me, and my communion dress (which my mom made me). It was very thoughtful and was a definite sign that they are coming around to this idea. I looked at the dress and said, I hope we are able to get a girl, because this would look kind of silly on a boy. And my dad replied with a funny reference to "a boy named Sue".

I love my parents, and sometimes I don't give them enough credit.

Something I suppose I should get used to myself.


Anonymous said...

Boys can wear communion dresses. All the boys in our family did...EVERYONE wore the same one for over 100 years. I think Fiona was the last one to get it. Yeah, she rocks. Hmmmm, I wasn't aware there were different kinds of cribs either. You're going to have to get a step stool or a ladder to crawl up each night. Or maybe some sort of pulley system to raise and lower the kid. Hopefully you have a really, really good kid. That doesn't, ya know, move or anything. You're parents will be happy. Just give them time!

Anonymous said...

I mean baptismal....wait, now I have to go re-read what you wrote.

Anonymous said...

oh, yeah, communion different than baptism....oops

kym said...

I don't really know what either of them are...but I'm sure you can dress a boy in whatever you please.

jaenkes said...

I recommend this style: http://www.toysrus.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=3250660

It's what we used & it was great! Of course on ours the side went down - sheesh! But being able to take the 1 side off when then are up and walking is great. They can use the crib for years that way.

cindyhoo2 said...

Yeah it seems that the newer drop side cribs are actually something of a death trap with babies getting their heads caught and suffocating or falling out on their heads. From what I read manufacturers replaced metal springs with cheaper plastic parts that resulted in crappy cribs. Now even older models are seen as suspect. J and I bought 2 fixed side cribs ( being a shorty I will also need a stool). Tge good news is that tge beds become toddler beds then full sized beds as the kids grow-- something of a onetime investment. Oh and we found tge second one we bought seriously on the cheap! Good luck and such happy news about your parents.

Anonymous said...

Become Jewish, we don't dress our kids in silly outfits for religious ceremonies...:)
I know, we are looking at getting Zoe a toddler bed this week so we can quickly sell hers at the resale shop before everyone goes crazy and makes new cribs. It's such a joke! It's not dangerous! Oh, sure, now people will need a step stool to stand on while they hold their babies, thats REAL safe...or will reach down, crank their backs...or reach down and grab an arm or leg and pull the baby up that way...

Anonymous said...

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