Thursday, July 29, 2010


new parent or preparing parent know of any good baby book appropriate for a baby with 2 moms and that was adopted?

(before I typed it, I thought "maybe I shouldn't ask, cuz then it wont happen, but we need to prepare for when it does, but what if it doesn't, then I will have a baby book")

(but I typed it anyways)

(man, I need a therapist.)


Edit- dearest m, thank you for your kind words... I should have clarified -- I mean a baby book that you paste stuff in and list things --- kinda like a scrap book :) xo


Mark said...

My Friends "The Girls", who you have seen, and us have a joke that we are no longer Gay/Lesbians, we are just parents. We hung up our "Gay Hats" years ago when we started having babies. I think you'll find, while walking through the park with your baby, that you are 99% exactly the same as the Straights walking their kids. I may be in the minority here( I am most of the time) but I would say that you don't need a book about two Moms raising a baby. In fact, I don't think you need any book at all. Just wing it! You'll be fine.
Your Friend, m.

Anonymous said...

Here are a few baby books for alternative families -

And Then There Was Me by Gloria Finkbeiner -

Baby’s First Year By Molly West -

Baby Memory Book by Tessera -

The Story Of Me -

And an adoption book to read to your child -

We Belong Together: A Book About Adoption and Families -

jaenkes said...

My 2 cents: Go to to see some great baby and other books for lgbtq families.

Also the books: ABC A family Alphabet Book and 123 A family counting books are GREAT! It was so cool for Alex as a toddler to "see" other 2 mom/dad families.

Anonymous said...

good thing you clarified. Cuz I thought the same thing...a book about how to do that. Aren't all baby books that you glue stuff in kind of the same? I haven't look at them in a long time.

CJ said...

A friend of mine put one together for same sex parents. I haven't ordereed mine yet, but it is a three ringed binder style and you can pick which pages you want in it, etc.

I'll drop her a line to see if she's still doing them. The order page is still up!

Anonymous said...

time to blog dear Casey!

Anonymous said...

c'mon. seriously.

Anonymous said...

If you have any friends who are into scrapbooking you could request a custom book for your shower.

Congrats on your recent good news and best wishes as you go forward!