Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I know..

I totally need to blog about stuff.

Mic and I had hit a road bump. Sorta. Kinda. When looking back it was more me having a pms induced freak out... then dumping it all on her.

Kid related stuff.

I am pretty sure you all can guess.

Aunt Flo has come around, hormones have gotten back to human levels, and I am back to being my joyful self. It is exciting to me when Mic talks with our friends about our plans. It makes it all seem so much more real then when I just yabber about it. I think their positive energy, reactions and excitement just add to hers. What fun! Now, if it were only June. Time travel, anyone? anyone?

I have to keep a level head. Pray that the universe has a plan for us as moms. We may very well submit our applications and be rejected. Who knows!?

Weekends have been so fun... we went up to Appleton for game night with Mo and Greg. Then on Sunday I drug.. dragged... droge.. whatev... them out Geocaching. This would have been my second attempt. My first attempt was in the middle of a sleet storm and we were in the deserted farmers market crawling on our hands and knees. Needless to say, that was horribly unsuccessful.

So, I made everyone put on their coats, grab the dogs and we set out. The first one I didn't find.. but.. BUMBUMBUMMMMM.. I found the SECOND ONE!!! I screamed and freaked out and WWHOOHWHOOOO'd... I opened it.. and there was a log.. Mo asked.."WHAT DO WE DOOO??" I said.. "SIGN IT!!!!!!!"

Then I realized I forgot a pen.



Oh well. I found one. I got to log it online, and I have pictures to prove it. Actually, it looks like Maurice standing in a pine tree. But *I* know what it really is!!!!!!! I can't wait to go out again!

Workin' out is going okay. It is easy to talk myself out of it. Far far too easy. Last night was Zumba. I love that class! Thankfully there was a guy (gasp!) zumba-ing with us. He broke out in moonwalks at inappropriate times. People concentrated on him more then wondering if I was going to die right there in the middle of a shimmy.

Hope everyone is well!


Amy said...

Casey- you think too much. Everything will turn out fine.

2momswithaplan said...

Bumps are easy to get over... especially if they're PMS induced! I'm happy to hear things are better now.

I agree with Amy - it will all turn out fine.

Mark said...

Casey, thanks for finding me today. I'm so glad that you did and your Blog has me laughing. I hope that that's the intent? I am loving the many conversations going on in your one brain. It's funny how you talk about your issues to the smallest detail. Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and say Hi. I'll be back. Your Friend, m.

cindyhoo2 said...

Boy, I hear you. About once every couple of months my brain leaves my head and I turn into a seriously emotional mess. Good thing Joey loves me anyway.

Sounds like Mic is getting excited.

the Geo thing made me laugh as did the idea of you falling out during a shimmy.

I am still praying for unprotected sex for teens in your honor.

Amy said...

weird it says 4 comments on the front page, but there are only three.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Those damn hormones can make us irrational. The best thing about bumps in the road is getting to make up. ;)

Try to be patient and positive...it will work out. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.