Monday, March 1, 2010


I am never going to try to set anyone up again. That was a horrible experience that ended in heartbreak for A and T's ex (current?? God only knows) girlfriend drunk and literally up in my face at a party on Saturday night.....ready to punch me out. I have never been in that position before, and I won't put myself there again. I cried like a four year old who just saw her kitten run over by an ice-cream truck. I am such a freakin' wuss. For me, I can say that what happened on Saturday night opened my eyes to a lot of things... and it was a learning I have to learn how to throw a punch. (harhar) Moving on with my normal (sometimes boring) life is just fine by me.

'A' is still on the top of my list. I really believe that part of all this happening the way it did was supposed to bring her into the lives of Mic, our friends and I. Everyone loves her... and she has fit in wonderfully with all of us. We are blessed! I have amazing friends in their place - each and every one of them offer something in my life that only THEY can offer. I may not have a huge list of friends, but the people I have in my life that I call 'friend' could never be replaced.

Things have been a whirlwind around my life. Training, ixnaying that dumb running idea, and signing up for the MS150 - a two day bike ride. I am even the captain for our team. I know. Who AM I?!??! Don't worry. I will post a link for any type of donations that you wish to be made. I was tossing around team names... "Big Bizniss on Bikes" "Roll with the Rolls!", "Bike with Bruts", But, because my team is made up of ridiculously fit people (minus Mic and I)... none of those would work.

I think I can do this. The ride is in August. I KNOW I can do this. g-dammit.

Only a couple of more months- and we can get started with Mission: Get-a-Kid. In the K-W Household, the topic has not come up much at all, which has really made time go by more quickly. We have been getting some general decorating done in the house. I have felt a little bit like we are renters, afraid to put things on the walls so we can have an easy departure. Truth is.. we own the damn house. We aren't moving anytime soon. I have been hanging pictures, getting a spring list together (top of that is having the roof done) and blahblahblah.

Enough babbling. Back to pretend work and facebook stalking.


Angie said...

Thank you for making me sob. At work. A real one...not a fake try to cry, but a hiccup snot faced "what the hell is wrong with the teacher" cry.

You and your friends are my new family, and if i had to get screwed over by T in order get you guys, I'm totally good with that.

That's all I can say without weeping.

love love love you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like displaced anger on the scorned lovers part. Not your problem.
Good luck with the bike ride.

C.I.W. said...

Angie- right... I know you squeezed a water drenched paper towel on your cheek.

Nonny- that is exactly what it was. It was CRAZY!!!!!! It is not my problem at ALL!!!! Do you wanna do the bike with us?!?! :)

Jude said...

Your last comment made me laugh out loud.

Hey, good luck on the bike ride. I did a 7 day one and had three months to train for it. The most miles I did during training was a 50 mile ride. Stick to a good schedule and your ass will eventually not hurt.

(haha on word verif..... rubjel)

jelly said...

Bummer your cupid skills didn't work out, but it isn't your fault.

Good luck on the bike ride...sounds awesome...way to go!

Dani and Dru said...

GO YOU!!! awesome all the way around.

Bobby said...

Oh I love training for endurance races! Have fun.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

I've never played matchmaker and after reading this I'll add it to my list of things I never want to do.

Good luck on the bike ride. That's a great challenge to take on. Keep us updated on the name you choose.

Anonymous said...

CIW-I hate riding bikes so I will pass. Thanks for the offer though.