Thursday, April 1, 2010

And so it begins....

Mother Nature is playing some cruel joke on all of us Wisconsin-ites and threw out an 80 degree day yesterday.

People don't know what to do... it is warm so I can put on flip flops, but at any given moment it may switch to a blizzard and /or torrential down pour with thunder and a tulips blooming (all at the same time). Perhaps a bit more on the safe side would be flip flops with a winter jacket and boots and an umbrella in a backpack? Done. We are like pack mules and prepared for anything.

This is how I enjoyed my 80 degree day:


And then 'Garage Clean Out 2010' began after work. Shelving is going up, organization and throwing out has commenced. I am not the handiest gal on the block but thankfully my lesbian life partner, Mic, is. *swoon* She is happy with a power drill and other assorted tools.

The garage isn't this bad. But I had to take a picture of it for dramatics. This was everything moved from the back where we were working to the front.

In the front of the pile-o-crap you will see the rocker that I am going to re-cover in a funky fabric ala something like THIS rocker on my new favorite sight. My roommate and friend, Rebecca is Martha Stewart crafty. She can do ANYTHING. I think she will be able to help me.

Okay. I am at work and technically they are paying me for this... I suppose I should do some actual work. Then after that, they can pay me for doing research on bike racks and updating my facebook page.



2momswithaplan said...

"She is happy with a power drill and other assorted tools."

Aren't we all???

Oh wait... you were referring to actually tools - not the kind I keep in the drawer next to my bed. ;)

Happy April Fools Day! Enjoy your 80 degree weather!

Mark said...

I'm so lost now. I was thinking that a power drill was a cheerleading move. What do I know? I'm just jealous that you have a car which gives you the outside temperature. Your Friend, m.

Amy said...

That rocker is AWESOME!

cindyhoo2 said...

I love that rocker idea. I cannot wait to see how yours turns out. I think you ought to do it now in a "If you build it babies will come" way. :)

By the way, we had 80 degree temps yesterday and today it is cold and rainy. Bah!

CJ said...

And then today it rains....for the next three days. Ugh!