Tuesday, March 9, 2010

snowball effect.

I decided to take some gentle nudging from my friend and finally visited her hair guy. Stylist. Adorable gay man who didn't make me feel gross. Whatever you call him... I am now in love with a guy who is happily married to another man. And does hair.... he is funny... and cute... and talks too loud like me. *le sigh* We are made for one another. Yet, not.

So, I came home with this:

I posted it on my facebook to show my peeps.... and as I was re-looking over it-- and re-living my first date with Michael, I see that I have a lazy eye. Huh. So, I started looking at old pictures. Lazy eye galore. Then I posted it on my facebook... about my lazy eye... people were nice, nono-- no lazy eye. Then my bff, Maurice said "yup- you have one". Huh. I am 36 years old. Why haven't I noticed this? Is it a sign of horrible eye issues to come? Eye crap runs in my family. Tomorrow, I am digging out baby photos. If it is getting worse, I am going to see a doctor.

THEN, I noticed the open cabinet door behind me. Do you SEE all of that crap shoved in there? It is snowballing. Now I have to purge everything in the cabinet.

Yesterday I signed my team up for the MS150. I am in it to win it. Or, at least not die. I paid $35 for cris'sake.

A & T update: T sucks ass and is a total liar. Over her. 'A' has met a new woman. Adorable. 'A' is so happy, I have hardly heard from her in a week. I get to hear all the mush tomorrow at our "Purse" meeting. Yeah. In our circle of friends-- we have purses and wallets. Not really butch or femme...there are shades of grey. But, yet, we all can be separated into purses and wallets. Which, I think is hilarious. So, the purses go out to dinner once every couple of weeks to gossip and drink too much wine. The wallets have yet to congregate for any type of camaraderie. Not surprising :)

Oh, and my other bff, Nonny, is going out of town next week for 10 days on an old school family vacation-- Griswald style. Mic and I will happily get to watch her dog, Mack. I love dog sitting-- we do it enough that we never will have a reason to get two dogs. Otherwise there will often be three dogs, and that is two too many.



Amy said...

Honestly, I have NEVER noticed that lazy eye. But the next time I see you, I'm gonna be checking out your eyes. And the cabinet, yeah I noticed it! As soon as I was done admiring your hair I looked "around" the photo which I do with ALL photos. Usually there is something funnier/more interesting to look at in the background. Try it out. Glad you got the cut.

dykeevolution said...

Your hair is so cute!!! I want a before picture! And so excited for you with the MS150. Can't wait to hear about your training ;)

Angie said...

long live the purses!!! love the hair...miss the face!

Jude said...

Purses and wallets....now that is funny.

Great hair cut too.

CJ said...

You smoosh more stuff into one post than I do in an entire week. I envy you! I've never noticed a lazy eye!

Mrs. Loudshoes said...

Finding your hairdresser soulmate is a day to remember. I like my hairdresser so much, I married him. Nice cut, by the way, your guy is doing a good job!