Thursday, January 28, 2010


I was tagged in a a meme (I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!) from Jelly at The Cuteness of Curiosity

1. What books are on your favorite book shelf?
I love any book by Augusten Burroughs.... he is HILARIOUS.. an amazing story teller...and if anyone is looking for a good book to read... look him up!

2. What DVDs our on your favorite shelf?
Love LOVE my Seasons of The Office, I laugh every time I watch 40 Year Old Virgin I have lots and lots of DVDs!!

3. What are your two favorite cookbooks?
I will answer for Mic-- as she is the cooker in the house. Weight Watchers Comfort Foods and not "books" but she loves the Food Network magazines she gets every month!!!

4. Select 1-3 recipes you will cook for your special guests:
I bake and I have an amazing Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that I LOVE to make for other people, as for dinners or something I, again, will go to Mic and she says: something Italian or something delish on the grill .... funny... we were just having this conversation the other day... I love having casual gatherings in my home and I want to have recipes ready to make in a flash!

5. What will be drinking if that is available?
Everything goes great with rum-runners!!!!!

Okay peeps--- answer up!!!




Carrie and MJ

AAAnnnndd don't forget to tag!!!


jelly said...

Okay...Augusten Burroughs is my favorite him and I'm waiting patiently for him to write another book. Have you read Suzanne Finnamore or Haven Kimmel (I believe are writer friends of his).

And secondly, I'm first in line for your world famous chocolate chip cookies!!

SquirtyB said...

ahhh you just reminded me I started reading running with scissors a long time ago and never finished!

Thanks for the tag. Look for a post from me soon!

Dani and Dru said...

I want your cookie recipe!

Amy said...

Okay, I'm ready for more Casey'isms.