Sunday, December 6, 2009

Still fat!

to review.... on my 36th birthday I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Since then I have been on a medication that, apparently, I will have to take forever.


I have not had my period since that time (Oct. 22) and my stomach is bloated.

I am freaking out, and I am going to call the doctor tomorrow.

Other news? Still a fattie. Mic's awesome new place of employment who treats her SO much better then I can even imagine being treated at a job... is having a B*ggst Loser competition starting January 1st through March 1st... they have yoga and pilates and walking and all kinds of classes they are offering at work and of course diet help.

The three of us are going to join her in this.

Time for a f-ing kick in the ARSE.

I am looking forward to it... Rebecca will be our sanity, I am sure. We will actually USE the club we belong to and have been paying for and is (FAR) less then 1 mile over there ----->.

After watching TBL last night (we dvr), I decided that we are also going to run a 5K by the time March 1st comes around. I know that people think-- that is NO BIG DEAL.. 5K?? that is like... 3miles.. I could do that in my sleep. Well, peeps, I couldn't run from here to the corner without having to fake a shin splint so I could walk (even in my sleep).

We can do this.

I am laying out the ground rules to her tonight.. it is NOT a competition.. we are here to support one another. It isn't about who loses the most the fastest, how fast one person can run.... it is about TEAMWORK.

Gotta run! (er.. walk moderately quickly)


Anonymous said...

Good for you and good luck! I can't run to the corner either!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Good luck with your plan. I know hypothyroidism really hits hard; not only affecting your metabolism but also your energy level. Just keep at it!

CJ said...

That's a great way to look at it! Besides, everyone loses weight at a different rate and those who tend to lose more slowly actually are typically better at KEEPING it off. Good luck!

jelly said...

good luck on the weight loss.
you can do it!!

CJ said...

You know, if you miss it around here so much, you could make a weekend visit for the drag show! I'm just sayin'......