Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hopes and Fears for 2010

Wow- that sounds profound.

  • My parents yearly migration to Florida-- it is hard watching your parents age and worrying about them.
  • We wont be accepted into the foster/adoption program
  • Our furnace will blow
  • My brothers health declining. He can't seem to get it together.. and I think his strokes have messed with his mental health. Is that possible?
  • I will be that one who breaks down in the middle lane of traffic in the morning rush hour without my cell phone in the middle of winter.


  • I am successful with the Couch 2 5K program I am starting January 4th.
  • Michelle will move up within her company
  • I will become a mom
  • Getting more debt paid off
  • We get a new bed set that I don't have to a) lob myself two feet in the air to get up on and b) go sideways between the dresser and the foot board to get around to my side. The set is JA-NORMUS and our room is itty bitty.
  • Good health
  • I find more new friends
  • I learn how to cook
  • I will be less puffy

I am sure there are more of both. I just can't seem to think right now. I have Big Boss flittering around this damn place all freaked out because we don't have any calls at the moment. He is convinced that this is a downward spiral and he is about to lose everything. Drama mama. Little does he know that I am wishing this silence upon us so we don't have to be here all day on the 31st. Since he has shunned all of his family and friends, and only has Blonde Ambition and the "friends" (read: people he can use and that can use him for their/his money) through the boards he belongs to-- and doesn't have a social life .... he just wouldn't understand NOT wanting to be here.

I don't know how many more times he can come up to me and show me the 2x4 pieces of wood he is cutting down in the basement. I don't know WHY he is cutting them.... and I think he is getting frustrated that I am not asking questions about the pieces of wood. In my head his frustration with me makes me giggle.


P said...

Its good to see your hopes list is longer than the fears one. Your boss sounds so lame. Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's making a puzzle?

Anonymous said...

oh, and I'll take your big bed if you want my old, little one.

cindyhoo2 said...

Excellent list of hopes pal. I will be hoping along with you for all those lovely new things.

As for strokes affecting mental health, yep, that can happen. It really depends on where the strokes were localized and how much damage was done in terms of what his symptom patterns are likely to be.

Jude said...

Good luck in the foster/adoption program.

I like the less puffy, I need to add that one to my list.

2momswithaplan said...

2010 will be a great year! None of those fears will come true but all of your hopes will!

Happy New Year!

jelly said...

have a great new year!!

always have hopes, they get us through the fears. :-)