Tuesday, December 8, 2009

can I?

I emailed my wonderful sister who is one of the owners of Lake Park Swim and Fitness is going to put together a 12 week program for me to get to my goal. She said it is going to be really hard-- but I told her I at least want to TRY it!!!! I found a 5k that is in March right before the big St. Patrick's Day parade - so I can have a beer as I lay on the cot for the ambulance..:) harhar.

Are there any runners out there.. or.. fast walkers.. or those who can at least make it around without cramping?

Any advice?

I hope this is do-able!! I REALLY do!!!


Anonymous said...

here's my advice, get a good sports bra. Otherwise you'll have two black eyes.

Anonymous said...

SF-liver, WI-native delurking to say that you can totally do it.

I went from being a non-runner/running-hater to a running-liker. It will take some time .. and you'll have to commit to actually doing it, but it's very very possible. People get really excited and try to do too much too fast .. and then it's too hard and quit and you feel like a failure. What I recommend doing instead, is starting really really really slowly. It will feel absurd.

I highly recommend the Couch to 5K program -- there are lots of C25K sites out there, but here is a good overview: http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml

It's fun to download weekly podcasts and listen to the one for whatever week you're on .. here is my favorite: http://www.kissmyblackass.org/?page_id=86

Good luck!!
and what Amy said.

C.I.W. said...

Nonny - You always make me laugh.

C.I.W. said...

Fullybellyahead-- THANK YOU!!!! I will take a look at those and I really appreciate your advice!!!

thank you for de-lurking :)

Anonymous said...

If you can do it, so can I! Now....to get that bra....

jaenkes said...

My friend, who was NOT a walker, just completed the "3 day walk for breast cancer" - They walk 60 miles in 3 days! Anyway, she would be a great person for advice and inspiration. She slowly trained and built her walking... her new blog is here http://tammees3day.blogspot.com/ ! Tell her Marta sent you :) (I've seen you on 2 moms w a plan and commented how my partner is from WI, regarding the pride festivals)

cindyhoo2 said...

As a fellow lady with big tatas, may I suggest going the xtra mile and spending money on a good sports bra? They are pricey but so.worth.it. The other option is to wear 2 sports bras at a time-- I still do this at times and it keeps the embarrassment factor down.

You CAN do this!! Then we will all be jealous of your super-fit self!

jelly said...

build yourself up slowly and before you know it you'll be walk/running like a champ.

ease into it, invest in a good sports bra (like the others mentioned) and good walking or running shoes.

good for you...very inspirational!!