Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The holidays

I am really excited about the holidays this year. We haven't decorated. We have made most presents. We are hosting a non-christmas-christmas (day) with Chinese food and wii and no presents being exchanged. Just my sister, her fam, Mic and I. The day after Christmas day we are out to my parents house with the whole fam-damly for hard rolls and ham and then off to the pool and spa. Back home for a very casual dinner and white elephant.

Sunday will be all ours. No packing decorations, no getting ready for a new years eve party (for the first time in 4 years).

Yesterday I went to the doctor for a check up on my meds. Unfortunately I have been having some side effects that I mentioned in a few posts prior. I explained the things that were happening to my body... no period... bloat in my abdomen.. zits like a pubescent boy with the facial hair to prove it. She looked at me and said... are you pregnant? I laughed.. no. I am not. She was sad. I love my doctor. I had lots of blood drawn yesterday and go in for an ultrasound tomorrow on me ovaries.

I am sure everything will be fine.

She spoke of things like hormone imbalances, PCOS etc.

The more I learn about simple, pretty darn easy to fix hormone imbalances... the more I wonder how many women have this and it is one of the main reasons we have such difficulty getting pregnant.

I read a really good book about it... and it is SO INTERESTING how so many doctors just brush it aside-- and SO SO MANY WOMEN SUFFER from it.

How many of us have been on Accutane (ME) (or other meds that in the long run effect our women junk), eats processed food (ME), has a family history of hormone imbalance (ME) .... and guess what this all effects.... pregnancy, or lacking the ability to GET pregnant (or makes it really hard).

We, as females, need to force our doctors into exploring this. And down the road, hormone imbalances can lead to SO MANY MORE THINGS.

Only one of them being the ever sexy female beard, that I am so close to perfecting.


Just sayin' .

EDIT: my friend just told me I may have to get a wand up me hoo-haa. um. is this true? Do most ultrasound people have experience at this??!?!? UGGGHHH.


Baby Mama, Too said...

I am glad that feel like your doctor is listening to you. It is the most frustrating thing to have a doctor who ignores what you are saying! S and I have tried to get both our PCP and OB to do hormone level checks on S. They both said that, because her cycles are "normal" there is no justification for it. And then there was the pregnancy test the PCP ran on S, after S insisted she was NOT pregnant. So annoying!

jilliebean said...

I'm glad your doctor is listening to you too. I can't get any of them to listen to me, even though I have the beard going on too. And guess what... with me being really red all of the time... that pretty peach fuzz sure does glow!

My hormone imbalance has also affected my desire to have sex. Let me rephrase that... my hormone imbalance has completely taken away any desire to even THINK about sex. Yeah, it sucks.

Hopefully your doc will get you taken care of before you head down THAT path!

Amy said...

Don't all women have beards? Oh, you mean on their faces!

Jude said...

It's sad how the hair shifts around on our bodies.

Keep after your doctors, they're dealing with much more knowledgeable patients these days. Good luck with your ultrasound.

2momswithaplan said...

Yes you will get to experience the dildo cam when they look at your ovaries. It isn't really pleasant but it should be over quickly.

I agree that hormone imbalances are at an all time high. I think it has a lot to do with electronics and the food that we eat. If you have ever read that book 'Skinny Bitch', you'll understand where I'm coming from with this.

I highly recommend acupuncture as a holistic method to balance out the hormones - it really helped Holly. It took a couple months to do so, but afterwards her cycles were like clock work.

That said - I hope you both have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

jelly said...

i'm going through my own hormonal imbalances, i'm peri-menopausal and my doctor put me on meds to calm the raging beast.

good luck with your ultrasound!

Angie said...

i think i need to call my doctor.