Saturday, May 16, 2009


As I mentioned in a previous post.. we are "cleansing". As I also mentioned in a previous post.. we don't have much. AHEM. I um, well, I need to re-phase that. We don't have A LOT. But, I seem to have the big chunk of what we do have... and it comes in forms of randomness.... pink flamingos... frames.. pictures.. pictures.. books.. pink flamingos.... ice cream molds... martini paraphernalia. UGH.

So, we are now going to move the spare bedroom into the the spare bedroom and move the office that was cohabiting in spare bedroom and eliminating huge desk, computer, flamingos, and just using the laptop.

Preparing for new roomie. Have I mentioned we are getting a housemate?

Oh- also.. got a knock at the door today, it was the next door neighbor with her year old kitchenaid in her hands, FOR ME. WHAT? YES. tis true. She got a new one.

Holy shit, that was SO NICE... and I don't know how to thank her, other then breaking it in and making a bunch of yumminess.

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