Thursday, May 28, 2009

okokok *exhale*

So -

We went to the meeting. I can honestly say that it was a large room of people that never thought they would all be in a large room together. What a *ahem* colorful group. The topper was when the Pentecostal/Yearning for Zion (or some hybrid) couple mentioned they home school and the ex stripper with the fake long blond wig and glued on eyelashes and lipstick (with real glitter in it) looked at them like they walked straight off the crazy train. Kodak moment. I am sure they are all beautiful, wonderful, caring people.

The meeting was not at all informational. We have learned 238198% more from Anne and Staci. But, it was something we had to go to in order to get the applications. Now we have that under our belt. Mic and I are on the same page, and now we wait until Michelle's job finds her... then we move forward.

Still a wait? Yes. Moving forward? Absolutely.

Disturbing moment in meeting: the leader dude-- he WAS a case worker at one point.. mentioned that if you are fostering a teen and they practiced a religion that differs from your own, that when they come into your home, you have to allow them to continue to practice it... the disturbing part came when he added and I QUOTE "yanno.. I um.. I don't agree with all of that, cuz.. yanno.. I am a CHRISTIAN... and . you know.. "

I wanted to put him in his place, but I know that if I started to say something at that point, I would have gotten a "Mic's don't SAY ANYTHING"- Pinched Knee.

Good times.


Amy said...

You are going to wait to apply until Mic gets a job? Just claifying. I'd prefer the ex stripper with the long, blonde wig, if I were a foster kid. ha ha

2momswithaplan said...

That sounds like a colorful group indeed! Its good to know you both were there - you may have been the only sane bunch there!

C.I.W. said...

Yes - we HAVE to wait. There is no way that we could do it and feel good about it until she finds a job. We completely agree on this.

Jen said...

Wow look at you two! I'm so proud of you. Chugging right along there. And yea, the group sounds like a riot lol.

Corrine said...

It is amazing the diversity, and you'll laugh every time. BUT, as long as you don't get counted out.

I MEAN nothing against the Christians among us...but we had a man that gave us a lecture about "Not having found Jesus" and "how can you teach a child without the Lord" at every class we had FOR A MONTH!! 6 hours of bliss.

Now, I am sure the stripper didn't give you tips on how to work the pole...Let me worry about my "walk with God".


I will be hoping for a job for Mic soon! They are a hot comodity right now!

jilliebean said...

WTH? He's got himself high on a pedestal, doesn't he? I mean, I'm a Christian. Of course I'm also a lesbian, so in a lot of Christian's eyes, that marks out the word "Christian", kuz uh... yanno.. can't have Christian and Lesbian in the same sentence!! I think it would be kinda cool to have a teen in our home that had a different religion. It would be neat to learn what they believe. That doesn't mean I would believe it, because I know what I feel, but it would still be cool to learn something else. People, uh... Christians.. you know, the ones who give Christians a bad name.. the "holier than thou" ones.. see having a child of a different religion as a horror.. or sometimes as a way to convert them and not just as a way to be educated about other beliefs. Which in turn would make you more comfortable with your own beliefs, or make you question what you've been taught....

Sorry... the brain starts going and since my brain controls my fingers on the keyboard... you get the picture!

cindyhoo2 said...

I'm with jilliebean! I am a lesbian and a Christian and people get all wiggy about that. Half the gay community thinks I am a nutball and most of the Christians don't think I belong in their club either. I also think it would be cool to have a kid of a different religion... what better way to teach a child about tolerance than to learn about the child's beliefs... and what a great way to bond also?! However, I am so glad that the state requires that level of acceptance from foster parents. (Sorry I got excited and I digressed)

The group does sound like a hoot though: former strippers, homeschool proponents, religious zealots and a few gays thrown in for good measure. It sounds like the start to a bad joke.

As for Mic squeezing your knee... LOL. That is my job in our relationship. Every relationship has to have a "talker" and a "calmer." You guys will be prefect for tag-team parenting. I hope Mic finds her job soon so that you can get your family started much sooner.

Amy said...

I'm hetero and not christian, so there you go. I completely agree that having someone of a different faith in your home would be interesting. And we encourage our children to decide what/if they want to be religious. They've been exposed to Christianity by Grandparents and now we have to pray. I go along with it.

Andrew Scott Turner said...

Found you through Corrine - (Buckfield's Mad Momma) - what's hers is mine and all of that...


Good luck with your search for a child/children.

My mom teaches our children Jesus songs


(Not that Jesus is bad, but those songs are painful...)

C.I.W. said...

You guys are all so great-

Thanks for following along- I adore the support.. and it feels good to know that there are people out there who get it.

We would have a great coffee clutch...I think.


Corrine said...

Let me just add a few things, about the whole lesbian/gay/religion thing (I am sure that this post wasn't meant to turn into a soap box for that, O-well)
As a straight women...It is nobody's (State, Christians, or other exclusive group)business who you love or what you worship.It is about your ability to love a child who has nothing.
To provide support and nurishment for a child's soul! The ability to give a child in need a home.

If you are an artist and not an would still give your son/daughter a chance to play baseball if he/she wished. if I do not go to church, and my child wanted to be a minister, well damn it...I would bring them every Sunday. I would buy them a bible and support them in being the best damn minister there was. THAT IS PARENTING!!!

Now, Casey...what line of work is Mic in? It helps to network, ya know?

I wish you were all closer...WE COULD RULE THE WORLD! Muah ha ha ha!

; )

existere said...

Going to skip all the gay/religious stuff for moment (though I have plenty to say, believe me!) and say that I'm back in laptop land and have caught up with your blog.

Happy you have this meeting box ticked on the invisible adoption checklist, even if it was a bit shit. Really can't wait for the day to read about the new addition(s) to your family!!