Monday, May 11, 2009


Love my job, but I am ready for it to be Friday.

Today Blonde Ambition asked me what "hizzy" meant.

I, being the hippest-ish 35 year old within a 15 foot radius, knew what it meant... but I said that I didn't, and told her to ask someone else. I only hope someone else gets the giggle I did. I never heard a 60 year old southern woman ask that question before.

I just spent a solid 30 minutes looking at kids stuff on craigslist. I can't believe how much you can get there for very little!

Time to get the pepper plants in- frost tonight.



Anonymous said...

yeah you can find lots of stuff on craigslist. But better yes. When you KNOW what you'll need, post or own add asking for it for free.

Anonymous said...

WOW- what I meant is, But better yet, when you KNOW what you'll need, post your own add.

2momswithaplan said...

Did you say frost?????


Yeah... it's 90 degrees down here! No frost in sight!

C.I.W. said...

That is correct, chica- FROST.

Gotta love springtime in Wisconsin!

It gives us character.

jilliebean said...

Craigslist has been our best friend lately! We have only been given one thing, everything else we've had to buy, but we've bought it cheap!! We are actually about to buy a second crib... more on that later.... hehe...