Tuesday, May 19, 2009

how is it possible

that it is only an hour after the meeting was supposed to start and she is already home and blogging (you are asking yourself) HMM?

We got to the location of the meeting, I walked up to the desk and I explained what we were there for, and that I didn't know what room to go to. She promptly gave me a confused look, and my heart promptly dropped.

State Worker Lady - who I have been in contact both through email and over the phone -- the same one that gave me the dates and times and locations of several orientations-- oh--and the same one that said she would pass all of our information on to recruitment to make sure they knew we were going to be there... uh yeah.. her... well, she not only gave us the wrong location, but didn't pass our information on along, either.

So, one break down in a parking lot later - I have a new phone number to call of someone else that can help us in this portion of the process better.


I am trying not to be disappointed. One week to wait isn't the end of the world.. who knows.. maybe it is supposed to be happening this way. I am a little too pms-y for an orientation meeting anyways. yeah. that's it.


Mike said...

Oh Casey, I'm sorry. I'm sure someone else will be more helpful. I know a week seems like a long time, but in the whole scheme of things, it isn't.
Hang in there.

C.I.W. said...

Thank you- everything will be just fine. It happened for a reason- next wed. it will be a great experience.

I am sure of it!

Anonymous said...

ha, that was me, Amy, but obviously I'm logged in as Mike!

Adventures in Babymaking said...

Your baby is waiting for you; you just have to hold on for the right meeting and the right time. My sister-in-law went through adoption. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect fit for a niece. God's got it all under control. Just sit back and watch the story unfold. Hugs.