Wednesday, November 5, 2008

oh Martha

Okay- I have another new favorite show. "Whatever, Martha!" is on the FLN .. its Martha Stewart's daughter, Alexa and her friend watching Martha show .. with color commentary. This episode is particularly funny- the part where the clown, Peanut Butter (wtf), rips off the super sticky tape from the girls face.... like a big Biore black head ripper outer.... and the camera pans to the friend sitting there laughing at her friends pain. .. now I can't stop laughing. This "clown", Peanut Butter is a big queen with a pointy hat..and a mirror that he stole from an abandoned gas station bathroom.. that brings pain to small children in the name of fun. Psycho.


CCB said...

this is my favorite show in the world. i laugh sooo hard. alexis is hot too. who knew?!

C.I.W. said...

OH my god I am so glad someone else knows about it-- I feel like I am on an island over here in Milwaukee. I find it HILARIOUS.

Doesn't Alexis kind of remind you of that guy who won Project Runway a few years back... ? The blond.... ugh. I can't remember his name.

Anonymous said...

What the hell did he have coming out of his ears?