Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Election Day!

Today is such an important day... shrouded with saddness.

Yes.. votevotevote.. change the face of this country... equal rights for all.. yaaaahh WE KNOW.


I just read on another blog that they are writing Dr.Hahn's character off of Grey's Anatomy. WTF? Mic watches this show religiously... I watch the gay parts. Now... soon... no more gay parts.

I don't even know if I should tell Mic. It may ruin the rest of her day. She already had to wake up early to take care of the dog... now THIS.

Seriously, though- VOTE. I don't care WHO you are voting for (of course I prefer that you vote for Obama...) but, most importantly, take advantage of one right that we have.... to vote. I will be praying all day for those in California and in other states that they are voting on propositions etc that will directly affect the gay community. I pray that our adoption rights don't go away and that our marriages are still considered equal by the end of today.

I was in line at 7:15 this morning.. I walked up to the school on our corner to vote, and this is what I was greeted with.. a line that traveled from the gym in the lower level, up the stairs, out the door and to the street. I got misty eyed. It was honestly, the most beautiful way that I could have started my day. Uhh. oh.. minus waking up next to my gorgeous partner. Yeah-- that, of COURSE is first. The line comes in a close second ;)

I am officially 17 minutes late for work (it has been cleared with Blonde Ambition) and I am going to get bagels for the peeps. My friend at work, Rebecca, got mugged over the weekend. She is in a bad state. I don't think a bagel will cure her ick's... though, I think it may help a bit. She is one of my fave's.


Anonymous said...

Isn't having the right to vote an amazing thing? Think of all the people in the world who DON'T! I am a little nervous that McCain may win. Maybe I will pray...and I don't pray.

Anonymous said...

Obama wins! Wohoo!!