Thursday, November 20, 2008

neg-at-tory good buddy.

Not this month.

There is much to give praise for, though! I had a fantastic weekend! I was able to spend the weekend up north with Greg and Maurice. Sunday we went to the best pizza place in Neenah, Cranky Pats. We got together with Lisa's younger sister, Christina, and her boyfriend Murray, and their little one, Don. It was SO good to see them! Little Don is adorable and so is Murray ;) .. I hope that they will be able to come down to Milwaukee someday and hang. I told them they can come down, use our house as a B&B and I will take care of the baby while they do fun couple stuff. I hope they will take me up on it. Mic would love to see them as well. Monday Maurice and I hung out- and went shopping.. it was a lot of fun.. we had some good laughs, and it is always good to re-connect with him when it is just he and I. We can talk and share in a way we don't do when our SO's are around. I am sure everyone has friends like that. Tuesday I got up early, went to see my sisters new club, Lake Park Swim and Fitness..I wasn't able to make it to the grand opening, so it was really good to see her and hang and chit chat. She was really proud of her accomplishments, and I am SOOO proud of her, too! I also was able to take a trip out to the cemetery to visit Lisa's niche. It was the first time I was there since her death (almost 2 years ago-- I still can't believe it) and it was surreal. I am glad I was on a time constraint, as I probably would have spent hours there crying. She is still on my mind on a daily basis. Thankfully I had to jet off to meet my friend Amy (Nonny) at a place called Fire in Appleton. We had a fantastic time making some fused glass jewelry and I started a mosaic, I don't know what I was thinking choosing something so hard for the first time. I will go back and work on it again, I am sure! Otherwise I will just make some more fused glass. I am looking forward to seeing how that will turn out. Nonny and I have been friends since high school-- no matter how long it goes between our talks, we always pick up where we left off. I had a GREAT time-- and feel really lucky have been able to spend some time with her.

Today I am home-- and for some crazy reason (habit, I think) I was watching TLC with all the baby shows. I got MAD... turned it off, and started dillydallying. I do think that this past try was far more on track than the first. I also found out that one of my sisters had to use clomid after at year of trying. I think I may go to see her doctor in a few months if it still isn't working.

I have a big day ahead of me... laundry, work out, make dinner, tidy house (my parents are coming over tomorrow!), I love "at home" vacations.


Anonymous said...

Huh? I thought you couldn't test until Sat. And what's this about going to the Dr. and talking about Clomid??

C.I.W. said...

I don't need to test when auntie flow shows up.

I have to think about the clomid-- it was something that I didn't want to do, but it isn't hardcore fertility stuff.. so, it is something I may think about.

Angie said...

:( I hate you auntie flow. Sorry honey...

C.I.W. said...

Thanks Angie--

Hey- how are YOU????

Email me sometime.

Anonymous said...

I need more blog...seeing that I never DID get that email. I think you made it up.