Sunday, November 2, 2008

Addiction and Ramblings.

I have an addictive personality. I know this- I think I have always known this. Addiction runs in my family, and I have to make conscious choices as to not allow it into my life. Well, for those who know me-- I have not done well. I am addicted to food. Hardcore. That is and always will be a struggle. I now have a new addiction: saving money...and monitoring how we spend our money.

By choices such as where we shop and when we shop... as well as coupons.. I have gotten our food bill down to about $50.00/ a week. That includes lunches... and we only go out to eat MAYBE once every two weeks. We do travel down to Woodmans to do food shopping.. and that is a bit of a hike, seeing as we have a grocery about a mile away from us. Woodmans is just so much less expensive. I also clip coupons. We don't buy what we don't need... and we don't overbuy...therefore what we throw out is minimal. What we buy is for two weeks. When two weeks are up, we are almost out of food... but not REALLY, as I could continue to make lots of stuff out of rice and soup and such. But we are, for arguments sake, out of food. It came from becoming aware of how much I am eating and what I am eating. If it isn't in the house- I am not going to eat it. When I used to grocery shop-- I would buy whatever I wanted-- junk food and all. Now, we just don't do it. The most junk food that we would have in our house would be weight*watchers candy and baked chips with salsa... sometimes there is low fat ice cream. When you compare it to what I used to have in my house- that is pretty darn good. Not to mention, buying all the crap really takes a toll on your grocery bill. Don't get me wrong- we splurge every once and a while.. but all in all... we are doing pretty well cutting WAY back on the junk.

SOO.. in today's Sunday paper, there are three sections of coupons to go through - and on top of it, in a grocery section it mentions that a grocery store down the way is having double coupon days- and you can use up to three coupons per item. This made me excited. Which brings me to the point of this blog--

I am a nerd because the thought double coupons and saving more money actually gets a rise out of me.

I believe that even if we didn't HAVE to watch our spending-- I would anyways. I think in todays world, everyone should. We have decided as of July to go down to one car- and look to purchase a used moped. We are shutting down the upstairs of our home this winter- turning off the heat, blocking off the stairs (in a very cute and eye pleasing way- OF COURSE) and when we have guests- it call all be reversed, and the heat turned on up stairs for their visit. I just wish this area was more commuter friendly - had better buses, even a train system - I would, no DOUBT, be on that instead of driving. One HUGE splurge we have is to take our dog to doggy day care. I don't understand it. Mic pays for it... I refuse to. I have talked to her, and we have come to an agreement that we will start taking him one day a week instead of two.... if and when I become pregnant - so we can save that money for baby-ishstuff. We have made some pretty dumb decisions in the past-- over spending on furniture and a tv. Thankfully in less than a year that will be paid off (0 interest, of course) and we can save THAT money, too. We both agree that we do not need "new" anything. We can live with what we have. The end.

Sadly, sometimes I do feel a twinge of jealousy when I hear that so-in-so just got a new whatever... and wish that we had that extra money to do that with...but it is a fleeting I realize that I have everything that I could want... and more than a lot of people. Like I have mentioned a million times before here, in conversations, in emails and letters-- that I am really blessed. I may have a different life than others, I may not make the same decisions that some do, I may not look as beautiful as others, but Lord, thank you for my life and all of my blessings.

I am done with my ranting. I have laundry calling my name - and then we are off to Mic's parents house for Sunday dinner. This morning did bring a surprise, though- when I got a phone call from my mom inviting us all out (Mic, Cosmo and I) for homemade soup. I had to decline- and it broke my heart as she, prior to me dating Mic, would never invite my partner into their home.

Only ten more work days until I am on vacation. wooot!

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Anonymous said...

You are such a positive person. Have you ever thought of shopping at Aldis? you may not get to use the coupons, but I can feed a family of five on $110/week. And that includes some junk food. (I do have 3 kids, afterall) You won't get your addiction fed of seeing the total fall, though.