Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bento Box

I am fascinated with these bento lunches.... bento boxes and the cuteness that people put into their lunches. This community has some great ideas and photos.

I am wondering what I can make out of the items in my fridge and pantry ...

egg beaters
fiber one strawberry yogurt
reduced fat shredded cheese
diet coke
low sodium soy sauce
two cans of Guinness
baked scoops
fruit and nut bars
low fat mint chocolate chip ice cream
whole grain bagels

lemme say that I am going to bet on the fact that whatever it is, Michelle wouldn't touch it.

Yeah. I need to go to the grocery and get laundry done. All of that boring chore stuff. zzzzzzz.

couple more weeks until I get knocked up. Or, at least that is my thought process. I am going to think like I am... visualize it... oprah it... and it will be. It worked for all of those people in that Secret video I was forced to watch... it is going to work for me. Oh, and just an fyi, I am going to will the lotto, too.


Anonymous said...

I never did watch The Secret video, nah nah a boo boo

Anonymous said...

Um...what the heck is that? I don't get it. Who has time to make smiley faces on their food?!

C.I.W. said...

I know!!!!! Its weird.. yet... I think I can do it.. and others may enjoy it..

I don't know what is getting into me.

Anonymous said...

'Oprah it.' That made me laugh!