Sunday, September 21, 2008

Anniversary Party

Mic's mom and dad's 40th surprise wedding anniversary party went off without a hitch. They were SOOO SURPRISED!!! I really believe that all of our hard work paid off.. everyone had a great time-- and I, for one, am so glad that life can now go back to normal. 60 people were in our tiny back yard. The decorations and banners and lights, and candles and everything looked WONDERFUL! The food was delish!! I did a speech that I think everyone enjoyed... oh, one odd thing-- their very good friend who is a priest and was going to do a renewal of the vows never showed up. Mr. and Mrs. K never KNEW that was going to happen-- so, they are none the wiser. I am sure some priestly emergency came up.

Michelle indulged far too much in the homemade sangria, and she has been horizontal on the couch ever since we have finished cleaning up. I am just wandering around. Literally. It drives Mic batty!

Wandering and thinking about not being pregnant.

IT IS OKAY. I am keeping positive.. and realizing that everything happens for a reason. Now I am just waiting for AF to come on full force... so I can start again with CD1.... and see where this next month will take us.

I figured with was going to be an adventure :)

Its weird though. There are VERY few people in my everyday life that know that we are trying. I just am that kind of person that doesn't want to get everyones hopes up-- then disappoint. Or, to have people always asking about it. Amy, Angie, Angela, Mo, and Greg..oh, and Mic's hair stylist...that is the ONE person she has confided in...(huh.) .....yet, when Mic and I are around our friends, they are constantly asking us about babies. Sara cornered me at the party last night and went on and on about us having one, and that they still have everything from their baby in the basement-- and books on conceiving.. and an attorney.. (she confessed to getting goosebumps while talking to me about it) ... she "just knows" that we will someday. I just smiled at her and thanked her for thinking of us.. hugged her and told her that she was simply a nerd. She smacked me... and I quickly changed the subject. Just strange observation.. thats all.

Okay- back to wandering around... and bugging Mic while she tries to watch football and fight off her nauseousness.

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Angie said...

I'm glad your party went off without a hitch (minus the absentee priest, dumb old non-shower upper). Now you can relax again and work on more important things... :)

Let's get together one of these days! I never see you anymore! We need to go for drinks before you get knocked up. Harry's anyone?