Monday, October 4, 2010

I hate local phone numbers.

Now, every time my phone rings and it is a local number, my heart stops.

This is what happened today:

I drove up to gods creation to deliver some info to a nice older woman who manages some senior living facilities. It was a convenient time to do it as I wanted NOTHING to do with "real work" today.

The radio was cranked the whole way up, I was singing, and I had- in my mind- already relocated to this SUPER CUTE TOWN. Simply adorable.

I pull into the parking lot and as soon as I turn off the ignition, my phone rings. It is a local number. It rings again. And I think dearJESUScaseyYOU don't have ANY CreditorsAFTERyouJUSTpickUPtheDAMN PHONE.

Rings again.


"Hi this is blahblah from Children Service Society--"

When I heard him say cssw... I almost fainted, and time completely stopped. In the ONE SECOND that came after CSSW I thought:

omg. the car seat is in the garage
I am way the fork north of the city, he is on a cell phone the kid is in the car I can't get home for 45 minutes. Mic's emergency number is on my desk. The bottles aren't washed. My dear GOD.

Then blahblah says, "I was wondering if you and Mic are still interested in becoming foster parents?"



I respond... "Uh" "what?"

He goes on to say that we had shown interest in foster parenting and hewaswonderingif.....

I stop him...

"We are licensed already... we have been for a week...and I almost fainted because I thought you were calling me with placement."

He apologized and shuffled papers and said goodbye.

I suppose that was bound to happen.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I think I would have WENT off on him...not the most professional thing to do, I know. But, my lord, someone needs to give that department overhaul. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

My friends who foster have told me stories of getting a call, dropping everything to leave work and rushing to the county offices only to receive a call back that it was a "misunderstanding" and the child is not being pulled from the home. Really?! You're probably going to get all kinds of calls so just hang on, it may be an interesting ride. :)

P said...

Yes I have to say I work for the a gov ran system and I would say that something like this is bound to happen because the right hand never knows what the left is doing. I am so sorry that he did not have good news for you guys. Maybe next time. Hang in there it will happen soon.

Angie said...

omGGGGGG you even had ME thinking that with the first half of you blog. I was like holy CRAPPPPPPWEREGETTINGABABY!!!! Then. no.

also...i read your blog out loud to Robin because after i got over my initial heart attack...i laughed until i almost peed my pants. i love your writing, probably because your brain works just like mine.

CJ said...

Oh, just wait! They LOST our paperwork....all of it. Every last page. This wasn't until AFTER we moved out of state, but still. Hope your heart is beating again!

Mark said...

I held my breath all the way through that post. Good thing it was a short one.