Sunday, July 13, 2008

Up Nort'

This weekend we went up north to visit very good friends, one of happens to be our KD. We were able to get a taste of Pride Alive - which is Green Bay's pride fest. It was pretty darn fun.. it was the first year, and they had a great turn out! Next year will even be better. I can honestly say I miss the small town feel of the Fox Valley- and there were times this weekend that I really wanted to just move back. It is beautiful.. affordable.. clean.. friendly.. and gayer than most people can even imagine!

So, we had our "draft" version of our contract with us. We sat at lunch overlooking the Fox River on a beautiful sunny day to read it over. We are insisting .. as well as they are... that BOTH the KD and his partner are involved in this whole dealio--- and by whole I mean.. WHOLE *wink wink*. They agreed to everything that is in the contract.. but, as before discussed and agreed upon, we are having drawn up a second contract that if anything happens to BOTH Mic and I, that the child would go to them-- and they would act as guardians. So, now we have to gather resources, take it back to the attorney and go to step 32458. Hopefully, next month will be the start of the trying.

Mic was adorable- and pointed out this kinda modern punk-rocky diaper bag.. and said.. if we are blessed.. I would like this :)

It was a fantastic, fun, relaxing and gorgeous weekend- and tomorrow-- back to the grind.

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