Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Sticks

I went to the store to get some new OPK sticks- I usually get the ones in cased in plastic.. and like a good lesbo ttc, I have lined them up, compared the lines.... still no pictures, though. That was last month. Should I even admit to having them in the drawer.. like.. right over there ----> Okay. yeah. I will throw those out. *nervous giggle*

Anyways- I decided to get the paper stick things this time. The kind you don't pee ON but hold IN your pee. I have never peed on my hands so many times. I thought we had plastic cups in this house.. nonono. .. in fact I KNOW we have plastic cups.. the red ones. The ones that you give you your friends that are hanging out by the fire and you write their names on them cuz daaaamnn we go through a lot of red cups. Yeah- those... I can't find them. We don't have a lot of "stuff" and yet when I need something.. I don't know where it is. I have NOT checked the garage, yet. They may be near my bin of "flamingo party decorations". Yeah. I have a bin of that-- and it is so important, that I didn't label a piece of tape and stick it on the bin... I labeled the bin ITSELF with a permanent marker. I love entertaining.

AAANNNYYWHHOOOOOO... I have been peeing in the little plastic.. "could I have a side of sour cream with my burrito?" cup. Who's idea was it to even include that in the OPK box? Though, I should be grateful... I'm the lame-o who can't find a grown up cup to pee in.

Back to the reason of the post. The lines are possibly getting a little darker each day... and.. now.. I am lining them up on a note card... and stapling them all next to one another-- and then labeling. No longer do I have to keep the plastic OPK pee-sticks.... which are now down there..

in the garbage.

Tomorrow night I am going out with a funeral director from work-- should be a hoot.. she and I have the same sense of humor..and she has a wonderful laugh. I love hanging with people like that. I called Mic and said..

me: "hey babe- tomorrow night, Jamie and I are goi-"
Mic: "GO".

hrm. someone needs alone time.


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