Saturday, July 19, 2008


A bit of ordinary. I got my period 14 days after the day the OPK came back positive. I am really happy about this.. because I got a + on the OPK on cycle day TWENTY EIGHT!!!!! I was worried my period would be all screwed up again this month-- like last month-- but, hopefully that isn't the case-- and I will have a + OPK on a "normal" cycle day.

Today was ffuunnnnn... Mic and I took my two nieces and nephew and a friends daughter to bumper bowl, and then went to the grocery store to get the fixin's for a good Mexican dinner-- and then they played outside until the street light came on. They had a blast... I was happy that MacKenzie came along-- as she was "new meat" for my nieces and nephews...

I was thinking about how my sister does it-- full time stay at home mom to three VERY VERY ACTIVE AND INVOLVED kids who are woonnndderrffuull. It has got to be the hardest job ever-- and she is a VERY involved mom. If I am blessed with a child-- if there was one women that I would look upon as a mom and want to emulate-- it would be her. She is sooo creative, patient, and good with the kids. She has only their best interest at hand.. and she hasn't forgotten about her individuality. She rocks. She is my sister, and I love her.

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