Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am having a talk

With Mic tomorrow night. We will be driving up nort' way up past the rez. (LOL.. I feel so up nort when I say 'rez') to stay with Patty and Pat at the cabin on the lake in Townsend. I want to ask Mic if it would be okay with her that we try to insem this month *prior to contract being signed*-- as in.. soon. I just have a feeling it will take a few trys-- if it happens at all. And I really don't want to WAIT anymore. Technically-- it will already be August when I will be a fertile mertel. Sooooooooo- we haven't gotten the final contract done- we have all looked it over and agreed on it.. and there will not be any issues with it, anyways. So- yeah. We are gonna have a chat. Because if she is a stickler on this contract thing-- then it will be ANOTHER month.

Tonight we went to a friends mother's memorial service. It was nice, but sad. Even though I work in a funeral home and deal with sad everyday it makes such a huge difference when you see someone you know go through loss. Today was a ssaaadd weepy day at work-and after. I am weeped out. Odd, though- they had food there-- and there was polish sausage. As I like to say-- polishsshasshige. (sound it out). I have NEVER had so much damn polish sausage since I started dating Mic.. I have never dated anyone who was polish and from south milwaukee.. MAN.. its hilarious.. polish sausage everywhere-- easter, christmas, weddings... and now funerals. I am surprised they didn't have punchkies for desert! (google it-- its a little polish jelly donut--- lish!)

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CCB said...

HI! Good luck working through the contract issues!