Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Today and Tomorrow

Today I have been packing since 8am. It is now 6pm. I did have a small break to go to the doctor for a pap. I wish that said "I had a break for a big glass of wine".

Unfortunately, that didn't go well. I will post more when I know more.

Packing has one more level to go. Tomorrow I will get up early and take the dog to school, and sort some things out in the garage before the movers get here at 9am.

I am keeping my chin up as well as constantly saying a prayer that God will push me in the right direction to make me the person I am meant to be. You would think that I, being the one who is creating this life change, wouldn't be saying THAT prayer.. because you would think I have that figured out. Honestly, I don't. I am following my happiness. Other than continuing with the foster process.. I don't know what that means.

I have been thinking more about fostering teens. It wouldn't work right NOW because I don't have a large enough space.. but I do think it is in my future.

Okay. Back to the boxes.

Hey- thank you again for being so nice to me. :) Your words give me strength that I need. Keep Mic in your prayers, too. Thanks xoxo.


Mark said...

Reconsider Fostering Teens. I don't know how much space you have but if your new place has at least two bedrooms, you're set! If not, yeah, I guess you'll have to wait.
Take Care.
Your Friend, m.

Pomegranate said...

good luck with everthing, dear. thinking of you both!

Taradharma said...

I don't know you at all, and I only left one comment in early August, but I found my way back here today and I gotta tip my hat to you, woman, for doing what your mind/body/soul was telling you to do. And for keeping a loving spot in your heart for Mic, too, and reminding your readers to do the same.

My ex-wife and I are finding our way back to be being friends, and this means we are healing and actually talking. Our lives are just on different paths, but the love is still there. Our lives (your, mines, theirs) have a calling, and we must follow.

Continued success and good luck on the pap thing, whatever the hell it was. I had a recent scare but that's all it was - a scare. Hope you are healthy!