Thursday, August 18, 2011

The move

I simply couldn't have gotten through today without my friends. Anne started out my day with a hilarious voicemail giving me support and telling me what songs it is good to listen to today, and what songs to steer clear of... GOOD: I Can See Clearly Now... BAD: Gimme One Reason (Tracy Chapman). I talked to her later and told her that I am not even going to risk it and will keep all music off all day. :)

I got a couple of calls from my friend Traci, all chuck full of inspiring words. Even my mom called to see if she could bring over some fruit salad she just happen to make -- but she wasn't sure I had a refrigerator or chairs to sit on. Apparently she thought I was squatting in some condemned building or god knows what. She cracks me up.

Nonny wrote me a wonderful email :) I miss you, chica.

Then best of all my girls, Angie and Rebs both popped in after work and they brought me beautiful hydrangeas and groceries to start me out. I love them. They are EXACTLY who I needed to see at the end of this crazy day.

Thank you girls---you all mean the world to me. I love you.

So *exhale* here I am.

So far... So good :)

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Mark said...

Anonymous said...

I have been away for far too long! So much has happened in your life since I last peeked in on your blog.

I want to say - bravo to you for taking charge of your life. So many lose focus on their dreams that they end up settling and then resentment and regret enters. The whole part of living is to be happy. If this is what makes you happy then I say, "You go girl!" I'm in awe of your strength and as you start to make this move, I will be sending positive vibes your way!

Angie Lee said...

xoxoxo!!! I hope you had a grilled cheese, chips and dip, chocolate chip cookies, and a bottle of wine for dinner last night. :)
Your new place is so cute and all YOU! (and baby it's meant to be little room...)
See you soon!

Angie Lee said...

also, Mark!! LOL!!!!

I want to be Flo!

Michael & Amy said...

An email back would make MY day!!!!

bekahjane said...

awww enjoyed my visit here. good luck with the new deal.

(i'm a dilly dallier too.. totally get that).

eduardo said...

Angie Lee said...

i know you don't have the internet at home, but could you maybe blog from work or something? jeez.

Michael & Amy said...

I agree with Angie. Good lord, woman. What am I supposed to read?