Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Highway noise.

My mom and dad are back from Florida. I couldn't be more pleased. My dad was "inked" while down there and is the proud owner of a 8" Celtic cross on his forearm. He cracks me up. He used to be the three piece business suit kinda guy. Work work work. I don't think he has put on a tie since retiring. They surprised us at Easter dinner with the news that they bought a condo on the beach in Florida. I am SO happy for them, and very excited that they actually agreed on something. After almost 50 years of marriage, I wasn't sure this had ever happened. Of course, after our initial conversation, I was thinking about when I could pencil Mic and I in on the Condo Calender and what skills I had to barter with (paint, rip out carpeting, etc. ). So far I can't think of anything that wouldn't consist of a lot of Rum Runners and 83spf sunscreen.

In order to spend more time on the beach and upgrade their parrot head status, they would sell their house in Oconomow.oc and get a condo up here as well.

When Mic and I had a chance to talk about it, her first question was, "When are they selling their house and when can we move in?"

My first response was to roll my eyes with an up-nort "yaaariigghh" (in order for it to qualify as up-nort, most of the sound comes out of the nostrils, not your mouth). Then I realized she was serious.

Huh? Wha? I panicked with a "we would be the only gay people in town and I am not going back in the closet so you can have a yard.... we would have well water (GASP!).... do you know how quiet it is???.... turkey and deer and other wild animals are all over - they attack!!! .....what if I regress back to a 14 year old living in my parents house and want to go smoke cigarettes under the bridge by Boats and Bait all day long ?????

Nothing was working. She already had a blueprint in her head about what walls were going to be knocked down and where we were going to place the kitchen island.

So. I emailed my mom and dad and informed them we may be interested and, of course, they stated that they have not made a decision on which condo in Wisconsin they are going to put an offer in on. We have time. The Florida condo decision took 11 years. I am good. Mic can keep working on her blueprints, and I can continue my own blueprints for the baby room upstairs in our loud, small yard, too close to neighbors, city water house.

On a side note, Mic was approached by her head-manager-guy and was told that he would need her to submit her resume as he is slotting her to become a supervisor in the next few weeks.

That was the readers digest version of what ALL went down.

I praised the universe and thanked the heavens for blessing Mic with opportunity. Please keep her in your thoughts as this all goes down!

I hope everyone is well!


2momswithaplan said...

I love it! You always know how to make me laugh.

When you do come down to florida for a visit at you better let me know! I want to meet you two. Fo Sho! (heh... that rhymed!)

Anonymous said...

Wow that sounds awesome!!! Good luck Mic!!! And hell yea for a free florida vacation!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG- I can't imagine you living there again! All I can picture is me dropping you off in your driveway after underage drinking and you almost falling over in your driveway b/c you were laughing SO HARD at who know what....ahhhh the memories. Can you still do the whole foster to adopt thing through Milwaukee if you aren't living there? Or do you then move it to Waukesha county? Did I just give you something to think about? Anyway, it would be cool. You could wear red shoes and call your kid's friends creeps. ahhhhhh

Anonymous said...

and when do I write myself in the condo calender?

Steve said...

wishing you all the best and crossing fingers for mic! congrats on your parents home in florida...take advantage of that!