Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Take it easy, cheesey.

I need to slow down a bit. Stand back and be really thankful for TODAY. Live for today. The future is as planned as it possibly can be, and my only job right now is to enjoy today.

Why can't I?

I am always waiting on the edge of my seat for tomorrow andthenextdayandthenextdayandthenextday.


Today is a GREAT day. The rain is nourishing the earth, it is quiet in the funeral home, I get to see my sister tonight and yabba dabba do. TODAY I am loved, I have wonderful people in my life, I am blessed with a good job, loving parents, and a supportive family. I have laughed today, and I have cried today. I have already met two families that are truly amazing considering the loss they are dealing with.

Slow the hell down, woman. Smell the fall air. Enjoy TODAY.


--so- Sunday I went out to my 'rents and sat and shot the shit for many hours - true (insert my last name here) fashion. Sitting around the kitchen table, eating cheese and crackers, drinking root beer and solving the worlds problems. My mom, (who, when she found out I was dating women (back in the mid-90's) told me never to speak of it again in her home, and never to embarrass the family with all of my sin) asked me point blank about my relationship with Mic and our domestic partnership and what it means, and why can't we get married in Wisconsin, and my dad chimed in with his own opinion-- that it is stupid that we don't have the same rights as a married couple - that it doesn't effect anyone, so what is the big deal?


My parents.
MY PARENTS said they support my relationship.

Don't get me wrong- I know they adore Mic, they have found pleasure in my previous partners, and have enjoyed them as well-- but they have never said those words before. Affirmation.

What a day for the record books!


Dani and Tonka said...

Thats so awesome!!

jelly said...

I'm new to your blog.

That's great for you!

Baby Mama, Too said...

That is so cool!

CJ said...

That ALONE is reason enough to celebrate today!! Woo hoo!!!

Margo said...

Hey - Happy to hear about your parents. If given enough time usually they come around, right? (I hope so I'm still waiting on mine)

And hey - you're right today is a great day. A great day to think about tomorrow.

Amy said...

I don't know why YOU don't celebrate each day. You have a great life. All things I desire, YOU have. (Grass is always greener, right?) Glad your Mom and Dad have come around. Why is it no matter what we always crave our parents approval. Weird..

Steve said...

Hell yah baby! Good for you.