Thursday, October 8, 2009

72 degrees

That is what my housemate calls Mic.

She is exactly correct. Mic is 72 degrees.

She is the most level headed, non excitable, realist, the power of now, plan for the day, glass is half full girl I know. Her favorite saying.. "What will happen will happen- there is no reason to use so much energy on stressing over it"

I am the complete opposite.. I am 0 to 60 in 3.5. I laugh too loud, I worry, I get excited over EVERY positive thing that happens, I cry for those who are hurting, I hold grudges, I day dream about my future, I day dream about EVERYTHING, I talk way too much, I easily get worked up, I dilly dally, I smell the roses, I putz.

Polar opposites.

It amazes me that 72 degrees can love 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. (And the opposite)

Lately, though, I have been craving a day dreaming partner.... an "imagine our future" partner....I need her to tell me that she looks forward to our future-- and I need to know what she desires for our future. I do know that what she tells me.... that WILL happen. Because in her 72 degree soul, there is no reason to day dream about it if you aren't going to make it happen. And, she will have a very specific laid out plan on how to get there.

I would never ask her to change who she is.... I am just needing some reassurance, as my over-excitable, wildly always thinking mind needs to know that somewhere... in the "in-between" of US... we are headed in the same direction.

Tell me about your partners- are you clones of one another? How do you balance one another out? How do you deal with differences?


Amy said...

Well, we are complete opposites in our house too. And how we deal with it is by ignoring it. Isn't that what all people do? :)

Baby Mama, Too said...

S and I are alike in many ways, we both enjoy cooking, we are both frustratingly emotional beings (me the Scorpio and her the Cancer). We are both generous and kind to a fault, until you cross us and then we hold onto that for ever. But we are also very different in other ways, I am much more the "homemaker" type, cleaning, gardening, crafts and home decorating are just a few of my strengths. She is a tech geek, good with anything electronic or mechanical. She is outgoing, will talk to anyone one, anywhere. I am the wall flower who will sit quietly in the corner, watching everything, until someone speaks to me.

Somehow it works, we are the same yet totally different. Most of the time we instinctively know when to drop a subject or when the other person just needs to be left alone.

cindyhoo2 said...

J and I tend to be very different yet with enough things and values in common that we keep our connection. I am level-headed. She is hot-tempered. I always say the right things and she will speak her mind. I love to decorate and she cannot fathom why I get irritated when she leaves stuff all over the living room. I tend to avoid problems while she tackles every problem head on. I slow her down and she speeds me up. AND she almost never reacts the way I need her to when I am upset. She either thinks the thing I am fretting about is a small matter, comments and moves on or she tries to solve my issue rather than just listening to me. This pattern is intensely frustrating so I must always remember that our differences make us stronger as a couple.... see it's easy to say this since I a not currently mad at J. :)

Pixiemrrr said...

polar opposites. and it drives me insane at times too. but at the worst she shows up with flowers, still not quite sure im why im upset, but still acknowledging that i am & that stargazer lillys will always make me smile :)

Jen said...

That paragraph that starts with "I am the complete opposite." Yea dude, that's totally me. Totally.

My ex and now my current gf are similar with some things, both not the dreamer that I am. Super level headed, takes a lot to get them excited, then when they are excited they don't outwardly express it in the way that I do so I'm often left thinking they aren't excited lol.

I was actually kind of afraid in the beginning with new gf because we are so different ... but we've been trying to meet somewhere in the middle.

2momswithaplan said...

Holly and I are complete opposites. I'm more like you and Holly is more like Mic. Holly will keep me grounded and will give me a logical plan to achieve my hopes and dreams. For the moments where my mind wanders off into fantasy land - Holly will humor me by going along for the ride.

We just make it work. Granted there are times when I just want her to think my way and she wants me to think her way and when that happens we just drop the subject and move on.

jilliebean said...

I think I might write a post about this... quite interesting subject!