Friday, October 9, 2009

72 degrees--- the follow up.

1st- did anyone see Oprah yesterday with the hoarders? I was hoping for so much more from that show-- and a follow up (like, cameras in the house) of that woman from Milwaukee with the rotting pumpkins in the living room (and so much more-- if you can- go to A&E . com and watch that one.. barf) I dunno-- I felt a little cheated..I am kind of over Op's (we tight like that) I am looking for juicy.. I may have to change to dvr'ing Dr. Phil again.


I spoke to Mic about my concerns over her thoughts about our future. She took the criticism with a level head (surprise, right?) and she said... "what I see for our future goes like this:
I am going to make my way up in the ranks at work and make great money, we are going to move somewhere without so much snow but SOME so we can at least make snowballs for Cosmo... and then you are going to stay home to take care of our family."

She will make that happen. I feel better knowing those things. At least she has plans. At least she thinks about it.

I got my costume for our big Halloween party... I have to make some of it.. but it is going to be... bababababab (that is a drum) wait... dumdumdumdudmdm (you get it )

Sister Mary Martini.

I have the nun outfit. I am going to make a rosary out of polymer clay olives, beads and instead of a crucifix out of a little Pravda vodka bottle... its going to rock the hizzy. Rebbecca might be Sister Mary Margarita.

Mic doesn't think she is going to dress up. (oi) Unless Rebecca makes her a shirt that says.. "Boo-Humbug" get it??? she is so clever.

I am rambling. That's what I get for a MASSIVE OVER SIZED mug of coffee (3 parts creamer to 24 parts sugar to 1 part coffee) and no breakfast.


cindyhoo2 said...

sweet! You guys seem to balance well.

Baby Mama, Too said...

Mmmm... that's MY kind of coffee!!!

2momswithaplan said...

Ok your Halloween costume sounds FREAKIN AWESOME!!! I just wish i would have come up with something like that myself.

Yay for being on the same page with Mic!

Oh and - not only do we have the same thought processes BUT we also take our coffee the same. Maybe we were seperated at birth???

CJ said...

We want pictures!!!

Amy said...

You can't move somewhere warm.

Amy said...

I'm ready for more posting.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Clever costumes - yu must post pics when you are all dressed up