Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am really starting to wonder

How many times I can check my facebook, my blog and my email in one day.

Holy crap.. I couldn't imagine if someone had a camera on me...between checking those sites, the constant throwing out and replensihing the gum in my mouth, and moments of blank stares out the window... I can imagine that I would be the poster child for adult onset ADD.

Jurl.. I got some issues...

I have a teeennyyyy tiny feeling that I am not in this boat alone.




Oh- and with my day off yesterday I found two new shows....Real Housewives of Atlanta... and the Rachel Zoe Project. I get why I like the first one-- I am a reality show whore. With the second, though, I was surprised during the fourth hour of the marathon yesterday when I was still sitting there watching it-- I am not fashionable, I don't know how to match, if I could wear shiny-vinyls to work, I would.... oh, and I could squish Ms. Rachel Zoe in a blink of an eye...she is a solid 4.75 lbs.

The show is a tranny mess... deeeelish!


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2momswithaplan said...

hahah! You are NOT alone. I am the same way... all the way down to staring out the window for long periods of time.