Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Awwwwww *blush*

I got some shout outs from some gals in the blogging community.... cuz we tight like that, yo :)

Thanks to Margo over at Along the Way and Becky over at Two Moms with a Plan (affectionately known in my world as: 2MW/AP)
Margo has an amazingly honest blog.. she shares so much about her life with her beautiful family in priceless way... and Becky and her partner, Holly are well on their way to starting a family- she is a super positive voice and, apparently, she throws some great parties... strangely enough, both Margo and Becky are from Florida!

There are three rules for this award:
First, link back to the person who gave you the award (see above)

Next, give the award to 10 other bloggers.

#1: Winkin Blinkin and Blog - She is HILARIOUS.... I laugh every time I read her-- she has had experience in the foster care world.. and she is brutally honest about it.

#2: Corrine over at Buckfieldzmadmomma - she and her hubby have a huge family and are bravely opening their hearts and lives to more....

#3: Adventures in Babymaking - deserves a big shout out as they have finally received the news they have been waiting for for SO LONG... it is so exciting to follow along on their journey!

#D: Anne at Are you Kidding Me? - She and her partner live just down the way with their two beautiful babies... Some might think I had to name her here because she is my ex.. but I named her here because she is my friend.

F. : Lyn at Escape from Obesity - HAS to be on this list-- she is SO HONEST in a way that I wish I could be... she puts it out there for all of us to read and cheer her on.. she gives me momentum. Go girl!

6. 11 Babies??? Yup- 11.. that is how many she wants.. and I have no doubt that this super strong women will get there. She is fierecly independent, broad minded mama, free-birthing and un-schooling and things I have never heard of! She just brought her baby girl into the world.. and I am excited to read about her family's journey

7. Mama Drama x's Two - Holy cow, this family ROCKS. They are a wonderful family that has been working with the foster system. and are so SMART and I know that when we have a kidlet, I will be full of questions for them. Go read!

8. Cindyhoo - Fingers are crossed for the Cindyhoo family - they have big stuff going on. Not to mention they have the biggest tomato garden in the WORLD and they do fun stuff like canning... and they live somewhere beautiful..

9. A&K At the Ultimate Gift - Yet another couple who are working so hard at family-dom... it will happen for them! Positive vibes your way!

10. Jill at It's My Life - What a blessed family! They have opened their home and hearts to a beautiful baby girl and it seems to be going grand!

Third, list 10 honest things about yourself...

1. I love getting my back scratched.. especially right before bed.
2. Fear of death - HUGE
3. Fear of death before becoming a parent.. HUGER.
4. I am totally addicted to q-tips...
5. I didn't come out until the age of 22-ish
6. My mom dragged me out - then shunned me
7. If you talk in baby talk- I am gonna shun you.
8. That does not include TO babies.
9. I have sleep apnea
10. I will never EVER swim in the ocean again as I fear I will be sucked up into it.


jilliebean said...

Is HUGER a word???

I'll have to do mine tomorrow!!

Kate said...

The ocean is awesome- you have to get over that one!

It was fun to learn about you- I am new to your blog.

Adventures in Babymaking said...

Thanks for the shout out. You made me teary eyed. Hugs to you. I will do mine too, just not right now as I have a pinched nerve making my hand go numb, but I still have to "stalk" all my friends. :)

Anonymous said...

What do you mean your Mom dragged you out? I didn't know that....

Jen said...

Ha! You make me laugh. Have you ever been in the ocean?