Monday, January 10, 2011


Nope. Nothing.

I am starting to take this all personally. The Universe pointed us in the direction of becoming foster to adopt parents... and now it has had us waiting since September.

My rose colored glasses are starting to fade, and my wonderful wiff is trying so hard to polish them up for me.

You don't have to stay it.. I know.. I KNOW that it will happen when it is right.. and those other babies were probably dulls-ville (and not the cutest- according to Mark). .. and just not our match.

The problem I am having is having faith that our caseworker is doing her job. But, with my craziness.. I don't want to question her because then we may end up even lower on the totem pole.

I have no control.

This weekend didn't make it any better that I was working a trade show ... the whole weekend... (do you know how many insane people just GO to random trade shows for free stuff.. it was like the freaking circus) you know how many parents with babies go to trade shows to escape the Wisconsin winters and walk in warm comfort? Lots. nono. LOTS AND LOTS.

It is OUR turn.

I am venting. I am not looking for sympathy. I am fine.