Saturday, January 1, 2011

bring it.

I am so ready for 2011. Not that 2010 was bad- because it wasn't at all.

Something that I didn't blog much about if at all is the friend drama that I am so happy to close a door on. Mic and I decided there were some "friends" that we had to step away from in order to go forward with growing our family. They were making decisions in their lives that were affecting our friends and, by association, could put us in a situation that would put a kabash on being foster parents. Obviously this has not been taken well. We knew that it wouldn't.

That is one wonderful thing to leave in 2010. A few other things to wave bye-bye to:

  • those stanky sandals that could walk on their own-- they are not going to see summer of 2011 RIP
  • our upstairs guest bedroom/Rebstar quarters
  • being a family of 2 women and a dog.
Blessings to everyone in the new year- I think this is going to be a good one!


Pomegranate said...

Happy new year!

Mark said...

Yeah, I agree, I want to hear some baby stories in the new year from you. I hope that the new year is kind to the both of you.
Happy New Year!
Your Friend, who is very happy to have met you last year, m.

Amy said...

I'm sure 2011 will bring much happiness. I will try to settle down so my rock star lifestyle doesn't affect your adoption process. :) Time for me to grow up anyway. Getting rid of sandals, huh? Maybe I should follow in your steps. (Ba du bum) It's so hard to get rid of a pair of shoes that are comfy and all broken in!!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Sounds like good things to throw out for the new year.
I just know 2011 is your year!

Angie said...

well...since i can't comment on your most recent blog posting...(wtf btw...) I will say it here.

technically you have been waiting two weeks....since you were on the wrong list until 2 weeks ago.

chin up girl. i love your guts.

CJ said...

I think you need a trip back here!! But I think a trip THERE is in order for Ash and I...we're thinking around my birthday at the end of the month, just to get away!

JoJo said...

I hope everything works out for you. As a foster parent for 6 years, I understand the waiting part all too well. But when I held my little girl for the first time, all the waiting made sense...I was waiting for the BEST ONE. And for me, she is the very best one. It'll all make sense at the time.