Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fun Times

Before we start-- am I the only one who thinks that uploading pictures and arranging them on your blog totally stinks??? Sorry about the randomness of the photos. I am one step away from throwing the mouse through the window. If our basement had windows. I will do another post with just photos :)


There are times in your life when you realize how amazing your friends and family are. Ever since we have decided to go forward with our foster to adopt process, that realization has happened over and over again. People have given us their blessings, we have been in prayers, and have had candles lit in our names. We have had generous acts of kindness like our recent baby shower that our friends Becky and Nora hosted. They did an amazing job with the decorations, invitations, organization. Our good friends Nonny, Angie, Mo, Greg and Rebecca all had huge parts to play in it, too.

It was held on the 28th... it was a BEAUTIFUL day in Wisconsin, and I seriously couldn't have imagined a better time! It was under a pavilion, there was a breeze, lots of shade and clear blue skies beyond that. There were white table clothes, colorful flower centerpieces, huge cakes (yum!), everyone brought a dish to share and delicious grill food. No one had to stop their socializing to play games because Nonny thought of a great way to have them over to the side, and people could approach and take their time to count the items in the bottles, guess what kind of food was in the jars, or count how many pins were in the rice... they got to write down their answers and put them in a box... for judging to be at the end of the party. Then awesome prizes were given out. There was even a station to paint your own onesie for the baby! People got really creative and I loved EVERY single one of them! Rebecca made her award winning cookies and everyone left with a goodie bag! There was an adorable plate set out that everyone was able to sign... by the end of the day, there was no room left!


Holy Monster Cake!!! This was at least 12 inches high!!!

Becky Chattin'

Everyone was so generous with their gift giving! I think everyone feels like they are getting a little one in THEIR lives as well as ours. This will be a loved, shared :) baby!

There is so much more I could write about this day--- we sat and talked and talked and laughed for over 6 hours... and it was finally the mosquitoes that drove us out, otherwise we would have been there for even longer!
The Grill Masters....

The Grill Master's onesie....

Chocolate dipped cheesecake with raspberry filling... LISH!

The flowers that were on the tables

I am blessed.... and this baby is sure going to be a welcomed little bundle!!!


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling you will have to TELL people to leave you alone so you and Mic can enjoy the baby! I love having my name in print. :)

Dan.i and Dr.u said...

I hate uploading pics on this thing, HATE IT!

Loralou said...

Wow what a lovely event ;)

Angie said...

omg. i can't wait!!!! you will have the luckiest baby EVER. :)