Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another weekend comes to a close

They go by so quickly.

We had our annual day up in Appleton for their Oktoberfest. It was a riot as always. I get to connect with some friends I don't see but this one day and we get to walk up and down "the ave" tasting lots of food. Somehow we always end up tasting lots of different shot specials at the bars on the ave. Thankfully I know when to say when.

My uncle died this week. I didn't know him. It is odd to me to say that I don't know anyone on my dad's side of the family. He had 2 brothers, I think that was all. I don't think he had a sister. One brother lived on the St. Lawrence sea way. I can remember one time that we visited that area, though I don't remember where we stayed.. or what we did. Nor do I remember meeting that uncle. I think he died many years ago. My uncle that died this week lived in northern Wisconsin. He had 8 children.... I don't know who they are...but I think many of them worked on the railroad. For some reason I think a lot of my dad's family worked on the rails.

It never really was something that I thought about until I heard he had a massive stroke. My dad drove up as soon as he heard, and he found the nursing home he was at. My dad sat by my uncles side, and spoke to him for hours while my uncle would squeeze my dad's hand.

My dad was happy he got to say goodbye.

I heard that his kids rented a van and a wheelchair and took him to his favorite place on Pelic@n Lake. He spent two hours looking at the lake with is family surrounding him.

My heart breaks for my dad. I wonder if he wanted to spend more time with is brother... had they ever thought about sharing holidays with us, for us to know the cousins, to travel to the lake to spend time together? I wonder what they are all like.. are they short tempered like my dad? Do they have this great laugh like we all do? Do they have squinty blue eyes?

Then I think.... will our child feel like this x's 3000000?


Amy said...

Isn't it sad when people don't resolve their problems until it's pretty much too late to do so? Although I'm glad he got to say goodbye, I'm sad that it took a major illness to get them back together. Who says you can't look up your cousins? Maybe they are thinking the same things you are thinking!

paradykes said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Amy is right, you should call your cousins and just say hey I'm your cousin and I want to know my extended family.