Sunday, August 15, 2010


Wisconsin State Fair has been going on for the last 12 days. Also, for the last 11 days it has been over 90 degrees and one zillion percent humidity. Though my work, I was given 6 free tickets and decided that it would be best to go on Saturday after our 1st of 2 adoption classes.

Our friends Maurice and Greg came down to join in the hot, sweaty, farm animal fun. We met more friends there and had a crazy, sweaty, frizzy hair time. We found rum and rainbow margaritas....and the night ended with a cab ride home.

YesterDAY we had the class. During my freak out conversation with Anne last week, she mentioned that Milw@ukee has about 700 foster homes, and twice that in foster kids... and those are just licensed foster homes.... that DOESN'T mean that they are all willing to take more kids. So, I questioned the leader of the class (she is a supervisor in the organization). I asked about how many licensed foster homes there are....she said about 700 (Anne was right), and she added that the workers under her supervision oversee about 120 licensed homes. I asked how many of those homes are accepting new kids? She said... oohhh....ummmmm.....lemmmeeee 15.


That doesn't mean they are all taking infants. That doesn't mean they all want to adopt.

I am not good at math. Most days there are at least 2 occasions that I have to count on my fingers.

But, I am pretty sure that somehow, that creates pretty good odds for us.

Bless all of those children in need. I ask the universe to guide one of them to us. I have faith that will happen. 100% faith.

Mic has her personal interview tomorrow. I have to ride around in a beverage cart at a golf outing and give away 200 can koozies. I am going to make this the fastest distribution of 200 can koozies in the history of distributing can koozies.