Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Road trip!

I am in the second day (Monday was a holiday, of course) of my week off before starting my new job. I have been taking advantage of this time and doing really REALLY fun things like..... matching socks, cleaning out my car, cleaning out the fridge and... CLEANING it, laundry, scrubbing the shower... you know, those awwweessommee activities. *insert eye roll and sarcastic mouth scrunch here*

Then starting last night I started having fun. My friend Anne called me and said. "I AM BREAKING OUT... I am going to get ice cream and you are coming with me.... I have the mini van and I am picking you up." I can't tell you how much I needed to get out of the house last night. My hormones were all over the board, and ice cream was the medicine that I needed. We had a great conversation and laughs.

This morning I woke up (a little late) and headed on a road trip to Oshkosh to see my dear and old friend, Amy - I affectionately call her Nonny after a Violent Femmes song. I had my driving music blasting on my ipod, and the weather was perfect. We sat and yabba dabba'd at her house for a while, went to get deeelish 'za at Cr@nky Pat's.. and then we went to take her daughter, Fiona, to a playground. This is where I broke out the geocaching. Nonny has made fun of me for enjoying this since the moment I mumbled an explanation of what it was. She swore up and down that it was nerdy. Well, folks.... I converted another. Do I get a toaster oven for THIS too? (that is a lesbian joke, Non.) We picked up her son, Finnegan, from school and took HIM to find some caches, too. No luck on those.

We had a really fun day together. I wish we were able to see each other more often. I hope my future son/daughter *knock on wood* will get to know his/her Aunty Nonny and Uncle Mikey and their cousins well.

Oconomowoc happens to be on my way home-ish.. or at least I made it that way so I could stop and surprise my parents. They love that... since I am their "littlest angel" I know, gag me, right? NO. I AM. hhaha.. They quickly set a plate for me, made me some fish and we gabbed away. We were watching the birds at the feeders, I explained at mine (outside my bedroom window, nonetheless) I am getting nothing but rats with wings. Gross city birds. I want colorful. As we were sitting there... there were robins, blue jays, cardinals and yellow finch. Then, a turkey came out of the woods and was wandering around. As we sat there and watched it, my dad mentioned that he hasn't seen a deer lately, then BAM... a deer and a little baby deer.. what are those called.. fawns, itty bitty deer, um... I know there is a word for them. It was bizarre. He was like..."holy hell.. that is the weirdest thing ever". I said he should mention something about not winning the lottery lately, either. But, that didn't work... or at least not yet.. MUUAAAHHAHAHAAAA.

Tomorrow I am going to change out my bike seat to a less vag numbing seat, and go for a ride with a bunch of old lesbians. I hope I don't die.

Happy Wednesday people.

ps. application has been sent.


Amy said...

YAY! I made the blog! I don't really want to know about numb vags', but okay. The kids loved seeing you. Even if you are Auntie Cassie. And I'm not COMPLETELY converted. I need to find a few more caches and fool the muggles before I LOVE it.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

I love road trips. Sounds like a great day.

I traded my vag numbing bike seat for the well-padded wide load one. Best investment I ever made. It doesn't matter how expensive your bike is if the seat is crap.

Enjoy the rest of you week and if you run out of things to clean just let me know. :)

Amy said...

Hey- that picture is actually cute!

wehr i am said...

ha. "vag numbing seats".
One of my favoite bike saddles, esthetically, are made by Brooks.

bikes away!