Tuesday, May 11, 2010

that looks... um.. really natural. heh.

Big Boss went in to get a face lift as "no one wants to look at a 65 year old man who LOOKS 65 when they are on tv"

He said this as if he has a big career in Hollywood. .. I didn't want to burst his bubble and remind him that he is, in fact, a funeral director and I don't think I have ever seen him study a script. How many funeral directors look like Mel Gibson? Not many. Trust. Now, when he stands over my right shoulder far closer than anyone should be standing, and eating his cereal at breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner, and he gets bits of milk and cereal on my desk and shoulder.... at least he will look a lot younger and stretched.

Don't make me tell the stories about when he eats apples.

oh fun times.

So, he is taking 4 - 6 weeks off so that when he comes back people wont be able to tell that he had a face lift. Uh yeah. I am sure NO ONE will be able to tell. I wish I had before and afters...

Well, I have 'before' photos, but I am too chicken shit to post them.

Anyways, he is taking off this amazing amount of time... for an elective surgery, and my coworker was allowed three weeks off to have a baby via c-section, and she was only allowed that much time off as she saved her vacation.


On woot today they have this:


I think it is super cute, and may come in handy, and has anyone ever used something like this? is it going to suffocate the kid? It seems to be a really good price..

give me your opinions, please.

Back to the grind. Blonde Ambition has this horrible habit of "sniffling". You can tell her level of anxiety or stress by the amount of sniffles. Today, I think her sniffles are out numbering her actual breathes. I need a video camera.



P said...

your boss sounds like a disgusting old man and shame on him for taking all that time off and not doing the same for his employees when they need it. Someone needs to teach him table manners.

Anonymous said...

Um... I need a picture of said boss... fb email?

That link to deals.woot had me laughing out loud! That's right... I was LOL'ing in my cube at work. Don't worry, my boss was not standing over me slurping his cereal nor eating apples... THANK GOD!

Back to work...

CJ said...

Ugh...maybe she should have had a face lift AND a baby.

I have two similar carriers and they work AWESOME! You can wear them on the front or back (when the baby is bigger). My kids LOVED them!

Anonymous said...

What frickin' weird group of people you work with.

StarGazer said...

hahahaha, this post almost made me spit up my drink!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

What's really sad is you will have to pretend to like his new look when he returns.

What an old F***er to only give your co-worker 3 weeks off to have a baby. Isn't that against federal law? Hopefully they will sew his lower lip to the back of his head. Now there's a pic worth posting! :)