Thursday, May 13, 2010


I am accepting it.

I will put in my two weeks on Monday. (they will not take this well.) I am taking a week off to chill, have lunch with my bff, and regroup.

There is no way around it. This is happening for a reason... I can't question it.

They are prepared for me to leave for maternity leave when project Get-A-Kid happens, they have a plan for me for the next several years. The job will really push me. I am nervous.... but it is either be pushed or sit here and rot...and end up on anti-depressants... like the rest of the full timers.

Mic just called. We have to re-schedule the foster/adopt meeting for nine days later. I feel like crying.


Angie said...

YAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN DO WE CELEBRATE??????? I'm SO happy for you. What are the job details???

and the baby will come when it is supposed to .... exactly when it is supposed to.

tmaddy said...

Everything happens for a reason! Enjoy your new challenge(s)!

Amy said...

don't knock the anti depressants. They keep me going. You know I'm only giving you a hard time. I'm so glad you are taking it.