Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas was pretty darn good!

We hosted Christmas Eve with Mic's family... we had appetizers, gifts and then we played Right Left Center - a fun and easy dice game that you can play with or without money. We, of course, played with quarters. Usually at some point when we have gatherings with Mic's family, the TV goes on. I decided that I didn't want that to happen at Christmas, and I prepared everyone ahead of time, that if we are going to continue the tradition of hosting Christmas eve, then we can start a new tradition of playing a game with the family. They seemed to REALLY enjoy it, which made me haaapppyy! They also seemed to really like the gifts I made.

They went crazy with the gifts, which is to be expected - and that makes THEM happy.

Christmas Day was at my sister's just a few miles away from us. They wooped it up, and we had an AMAZING dinner, played Pictonary which was FUN (my family is fiercely competitive) we played boys against girls, losers had to do the dishes. We won. Hollleerr.

We did a couple of gifts for the children, and my family really enjoyed the gifts I made, and they all mentioned where they were going to hang them in their homes.

I love Christmas. I love it even better when it is over. Mic feels it necessary that we keep the tree up until after NYE. She is lucky I love her.

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Two Moms With A Plan said...

Sounds like a great Christmas! We took our tree down this weekend. That thing had pine needles everywhere!

I hope you and Mic have a wonderful New Years!!!