Sunday, June 29, 2008


I have been tracking my ovulation since the time I thought I should be... 13 days after the first day of my period. This month, though-- my period was late, and just.. weird. This usually happens once a year- and it usually is in the beginning of summer. I don't know WHY that is-- but, that is the case. Is anyone else like this? Anyways- I have been peeing on the sticks, and i haven't really seen an evidence that I have ovulated. I was using the T*arget brand, and just thought I would try a different brand. Now I am using Answer. What I have read, there may be months that you don't ovulate.. or some womans cycle is longer than others. I suppose I can't really draw any conclusions until I have more data. I am just going to have to keep peeing-- and see where that gets me.

This weekend was a lot of fun- we went out and got some cheap-o tennis rackets -- (racquet's??) and hit the courts early on Saturday morning-- I suck. I admit it... but we had some great laughs (and this morning I could hardly get out of bed). Mic's b-day is tomorrow, so we were celebrating it on Saturday with some friends... we also celebrated Angela's b-day which was last week. We went out for some pizza and then off to a drag show. My god- how things have changed since I saw one a million years ago in Neenah at the Pivot Club. These 'gal's' looks faaaabulous! I was giving out dollars like they were growing on trees. Then we went out dancing and met up with people we haven't seen in a long time. Tomorrow I will be packing up some homemade cookies for her to take to work. I plan on putting them on my "It's Your Special Day" plate, and put them on the front seat of her car for a little surprise. For the last three years all she has wanted is a hammock. I have finally found one that I hope she will like-- part one was delivered to work this past week - and the stand should be there tomorrow. I don't know if I will have time to set it up-- but at least she will get it all at one time-- I don't know that she has any idea, and I hope to catch her off guard. I never am able to surprise her!

Okay-- going to get some reading done. I am reading "In to the Wild". I am loving it.

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