Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh hi--- you again?

Tomorrow is our third visit from a caseworker.

Iknowitwillhappen....someday....I know you all feel it, too.

So, in my "keep busy to avoid obsessing" mode I have created a coupon organizer. Here are a few photos:

Umyeah...I am an 87 year old granny... Nonny has pointed this out more than once in the last month. ;) The categories follow the grocery store we go to. There are also spots for Walgreens, Target and three little spots waiting for the Babies-R-Us c@upons. The front spots are for our groupons, clothing coupons the back cover for hallmark and internet retailer coupons. boooyaaaaahh.

Wait until I show you the glory that are my crafted Christmas gifts. They really don't beat these, though.... handmade Christmas stockings made by Rebstar herself. I swear- her talent has me in awe more than once a day. Last year she also made one for Cosmo.. ADORABLE.

I love flamingos-- and Mic is the campfire queen... she knows us SO well.. awwwwwww


paradykes said...

Good luck tomorrow! It's going to happen soon, I can feel it!

Those stockings are adorable!

Merry Christmas

Mark said...

Well look at you! All organized and stuff. I'm so jealous. I suppose I could be organized if I tried but who has the time.
Your Friend, m.

Anonymous said...

I should receive Rebstar's cookies today. I am going to eat them all by myself. In a dark room. In complete quiet.
Yeah, I know. It's the little things. She should get my package today too. I hope it can hold a candle to her awesome baking abilities. And if it doesn't, I hope she's nice enough not to point it out. :)
Merry Christmas or Happy Festivus. Whichever you celebrate.