Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I dont' think blogs are that bad of a thing to obsess over. I am not living in a pretend world.. it feeds my nosey cravings.. and it gives me motivation. I have found a group of diet blogs. LOVE THEM. How MOTIVATING is it to know that people out there have the same daily struggles I do? That there are others who day dream about things like: the cake that is in the fridge in the kitchen just down <----- there. (I never knew that a funeral home would have so much g-d food in it. BAH.) .

I have been working the WW pretty darn well this first week back, if I don't say so meself. I have been writing EVERYTHING down, even on GNO when I ate and drank SO MUCH. Difference this time: I am accountable for it. In the past, I could easily go to McD's after bar then go to bed 8.39 minutes later. After writing it all down, and seeing the points.. I wont be doing that mindless binging again.

I think I picked the right time for this.

this time.


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Crayonboxes said...

I have to agree.. When I surround myself with others losing weight it gives me strength for some reason.. Best of luck to you :)