Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Does everyone on the TTC course use FF? Is that the BEST way to track?

FF and I just don't jive.

We have had some ups and downs in our relationship- and she wants me to stick around... yanno.. commit. For another year.

I need to know if there are options.

For the 4.2 ladies out there that read this and are TTC, do you all use FF?



Carrie and MJ said...

Hi - thanks for finding our blog - we look forward to following your journey as well!

Two Moms With A Plan said...

Hi... my name is Becky and I use FF! There... I said it!

Yes... we do use it but we don't pay for it. We are the non-vip members with the lame settings. But it still gets the job done.

I'm wondering why you and FF don't jive... is it a temping issue?

Adventures in Babymaking said...

We don't use FF. We use the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor. Our good friend used a known donor and inseminated at home just like us and used that monitor. She got pregnant the first time both times with her kids. It gets good reviews online too.

Anonymous said...

I don't even know what you are talking about.

Angie said...

Stop speaking in code.

Anonymous said...

Used it. Hated it. In fact, hated temping full stop. I gave it up in the end as it just destroyed my slepp patterns, and stuck to the CBFM and OPKs for home insems and unmedicated IUIs.

Anonymous said...

I don't care too much for FF, and I never really understood why I didn't. I loved the book Taking Charge of your Fertility - the author gave another chart version (also free online), but really gave so much information that charting or no, it was still SO HELPFUL. Stephanie Brill also wrote a lesbian guide to conception which had huge amounts of easy-to-read information.

Then of course we decided to do IVF rather than IUI, and none of the temping shit mattered anyway! But I think the stuff from Brill's book helped increase my fertility, hence the twinnies on our first go.

Good luck!!