Monday, February 2, 2009


I took a look back today to see where I am compared to the month or so ago that we decided that we were going to take a break over the winter to "shape the hell up".


Uh huhhh.

You get my drift.

I emailed Mic today (our only way to REALLY talk while we are at work) and told her of my frustrations... that I needed a goal. That we haven't done anything- and yes-- its winter in Wisconsin and that sucks ass in itself. There are a million excuses I could lay out here.. my back.. the insane busy-ness at work.. all that jazz. But, there is only one person to blame. Michelle. hahha. nah. ME!!!!

So, we have decided that in April we will start again. We are on the fast track to healthier. We have done really well with our eating. I swear, this Wildtree stuff is working just as it should. It makes you FEEL better. We have been watching our recipes... etc. Of course, there is always room for improvement. .. but, yanno. I feel better that we are BOTH on board. She and I are SO FREAKING DIFFERENT. I think.. thinkthinkthinkthinkthink. All DAY. In the shower, on the drive to work, as I pee, while I am making lunch, whatever.. I think all day about WHATEVER.

She doesn't.

There are times that I will say.. honey-- what are you thinking about.... and her response would be "nothin, I am just blahablahbla" For the longest time I just couldn't take that as an answer. Who in the WORLD would not be THINKING about something?? Well, I will tell you who- my gal.

So, anyways, our conversation started over email-- and then continued this evening after work. I explained that there are times that I sometimes feel as if I want this more than her. She explained it this way.. "honey- we are on a break... why would we talk about it if there is nothing to talk about... oh wait, you are a thinker.. you have been thinking, haven't you?" "Honey- it will all work out. We need to get on track with our health.. we have a goal now... and we will work towards it"

That is all she needed to say.

So, I might not be with the thinking-est gal in town.. but she gets me.. and she even loves me even though I over think why she does... all ... the.... time.


Anonymous said...

Girl, You think WAY too much. I'm the same as Mic. usually, I'm not thinking ANYTHING.

C.I.W. said...

I know I do!!! It is crazy!! I am going to be one of those old women that need to take pm's just to sleep.

wait. don't you do that? hehehehheh


Anonymous said...

I have to take ambien to sleep. But it's not because I'm laying awake contemplating life. I'm awake because I work half the week all night and the other half I'm supposed to be "normal." (Which we both know isn't possible.)

A said...

I think alot too, but it's great your girl "gets you". Good luck with the getting healthier plan. It will help your TTC efforts.