Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Its been a year already?

Yes. The fam-damly is getting ready to go on the annual camping trip. My sisters, their husbands, the kids, my parents (they camp at the Comfort Suites). Its going to be a doozy, I can just feel it! Somehow I have to figure out how to keep the stick-peeing under wraps, as I can't stop charting NOW!

We aren't leaving until after work on Friday. I won't have time to get a lot of stuff together tomorrow, as we are going to the State Fair. That is just how I roll. The State Fair and camping... all within days apart from one another. Life in the fast lane. I can hardly keep up with myself.


Anonymous said...

How can you call that camping? Wait a min....that sounds like GREAT camping!

C.I.W. said...

you are a goof.. WE are parents are at a hotel.